Your Greatest Weight Loss Mistake Ever

The importance of a solid foundation and weight loss

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” ―Socrates

The sad part of mainstream fitness weight loss is that it doesn’t address the things that make people sink.

If you want to change your body, you have to understand your body. And your body is more than a mathematical calorie calculation or a fancy chart with sets and reps.

If you’re going to be throwing yourself under a supragravitational load, you have to know a little bit about body mechanics.

If you’re going to be targeting some kind of specific growth, you have to know how to get your body into certain positions and activate certain muscles.

To win your weight loss transformation, you have

to lay a foundation.

This is a process, not a switch.

You don’t get to the top of a pyramid without a rigid core.

So What is your greatest weight loss mistake ever?

Its not properly building a solid foundation during your weight loss journey.

So what is the best way to reach your solid foundation?

Is Cardio Best for Fat Loss?

What does the body “think” about what is happening, and how is it going to adapt to survive?

From a physiological standpoint, low-intensity running (typically known as cardio) utilizes fat as a fuel source better than just about any other exercise, which is something to consider.

This is why cardio is so popular for weight loss and recommended so often.

Yes with a consistent calorie deficit, combined with large amounts of cardio you will lose weight.

Just because something has a metabolic cost doesn’t mean it’s in the name of fat loss.

It all depends on how the body interprets the stimulus and then signals for adaptation.

Exercise is more than calories. Exercise signals a cascade of responses throughout the body which have the potential to hint at other things.

Intense training for middle-long-distance running is going to go against muscle because the two adaptations compete with each other.

This can complicate building lean muscle mass and even leave the body soft around the mid section.

You simply don’t need much muscle strength and power to jaunt across the universe, and excess muscle is nothing but excess baggage.

Your Body is unbalanced

Right now, your physique is unbalanced.

Now we want to focus on bringing up Ideal Body Proportions.

For men we want to focus on wider shoulders, strong upper chest, and a narrow waist with strong legs. Think V-Tapper or an X-physique 

With Women we want strong glutes, tone legs and a narrow wast with firm arms. Think hour glass body shape, with strong curves. 

This means putting more emphasis on certain muscle groups while losing weight.

What Exercises as Men & Women should we be putting on the body to build a solid foundation?

Solid Foundation Exercises for weight loss

For men and women theses exercises will differ but the principals remain the same.

Muscle grows the same way for both men and women, its the groups of muscles we want to grow that are key.

Men should master 8 exercises for building a solid foundation during weight loss.  ( detailed article here)

greatest weight loss mistake
  1. Front Squat
  2. Conventional Deadlift
  3. Chin up( advancing to weighted)
  4. dips(advancing to weighted)
  5. Incline bench press
  6. barbell row
  7. Standing overhead press
  8. barbell curl

Women Should master 8 exercises for building a solid foundation during weight loss.

  1. Hip Thrust
  2. Chin up or lat pull downs
  3. Conventional deadlift
  4. bench press
  5. dumbell curls
  6. standing Overhead press
  7. squat
  8. Leg press

These exercises mimic daily fundamentals.

Pressing, pulling and pushing are all movements we do just about everyday when you think about it.

Not only are these exercises mimicking our daily activities, they’re working multiple muscle groups at one time.

This is going to break down your body and rebuild it at the same time., hence building a solid foundation. 

Building a solid foundation only works if you combine a calorie deficit with progressive overload.

You can see my article here on setting a calorie deficit and progressive overload here.

So Where does cardio fit in for weight loss?

So you might train hard, and lift some weights in a way that’s going to build the body you want. Good. That’s a good signal.

But if you add in high intensity interval sprints one day and low intensity, long duration aerobic work the next, you’re now sending three distinct “signals” to your body.

We want to send one clear signal at the start. That’s all. One signal.

Mild walking won’t be intense enough to interfere, which is why we do it.

It’s always a good idea to encourage blood and lymph flow through your body to help cleanse and refresh our insides.

This is why you can walk for the sake of walking anytime you want.

If you’re walking for the sake of walking, go outside. Get fresh air. De-stress. Go to your happy place.

If you’re walking for the sake of training, you can up the stakes a bit and use an incline treadmill.

Things change when questing against stubborn body fat, but for now, it’s all about using the least complex strategy.

No need to make it complex if it doesn’t have to be.

Weight training is going to be a new stimulus for your body and that alone will go a long ways.

Concluding thoughts for weight loss

Most over weight individuals fail because they either:

• expect results too fast (blister themselves)
• follow a program not targeting specific muscle groups built around intensity and efficiency

These behaviors lead to:

• program hopping
• restrictive dieting

Neglecting slow progression out of impatience is a mistake, and a huge one at that.

You need to start winning.

Winning creates a mindset not apt to be forgotten.

Getting the body you want requires consistent, dedicated effort.

Not effort here and there.

Not half-assed effort. Or inconsistent effort. But consistent,dedicated effort.

This requires motivation.

Nothing kills motivation quite like no progress.

Progress is the ultimate motivator.

Take things slow and ensure consistent progress.

Training is easier when you’re always getting better.

Remember Your Greatest Weight Loss Mistake Ever is not building a solid foundation.

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