The Slim-Fit Feminine Physique

A Toning Workout for Women , “The Ideal Woman Physique.”

We hear women say all the time, “I want a workout for toning, not a bulky look!” 

Why is the fitness community not listening?

When I look around my local gym and fitness centers, I listen to what is going on around me. I see trainers pushing women to failure and telling them they will thank them for the “burn” later.

The trainers will work women on the squat racks and have the ripping out 4-5 sets of 15 reps to failure for each set.  This is typically followed by high volume dumbbell step ups or walking dumbbell lunges until her legs are quivering from fatigue.

The favorite line I hear trainers say all the time is, “don’t worry you’re building muscle under the fat and when you loose the fat you will look sexy and muscular.”  Or  “trust me you wont get bulky, and women actually look better with a muscular shape.”

So the sang goes:  weight training will not make women bulky or vascular looking because women produce less testosterone by about 10%. This is true but there still lies a problem. Genetics play a huge role in this and I see it all the time.

There’s the woman that puts most her muscle on her thighs and calves.

Then you have the woman who puts on muscle easily around her glutes and back.

These factors are rarely taken into consideration by the trainers. Their programs for men and women are typically more like a “one shoe fits all” type of regimen.

This approach fails to take into account the specific goals most women and men want.

I have built workouts for men to develop “The Ideal physique”. I take the same approach when building a toning program for women, creating the “The Ideal Woman Physique”.

Do women want a vascular ripped body? 

From my experience talking with women, most want to look sexy in fashionable clothing.  Women are not typically concerned with heavy muscle separation and angular definition. Women want a body that is firm yet still soft to the touch, a shape accentuating the natural curves of her body.

….just enough muscle to look great while still appearing feminine!

Women want a toned arms, flat defined stomach, sleek legs and amazing gluts!

Most women don’t want to get ‘bigger’. They want to slim down and loose any extra body fat.

When FAT levels are too high 

No matter what if fat levels are too high and your’re lifting weights you will have a “bulky” look. Dropping body fat levels should be just as big of a priority as firming and toning up the muscles . It takes the combination of both to achieve a slim-fit body. So to some extent the phrase. “you will look great when the fat is gone”, is true. Though this look depends on goals and training.

Don’t go crazy with training 

The idea is to increase muscle tone to a desired body part while decreasing the size of that specific body part as well.

Performing very high reps, endless circuits, hours of cardio, and ‘muscle toning classes’ does not get the job done. The last thing you want to do is over tax the body in this situation.

You see, when we diet we think we’re only dropping fat, but the reality is we lose a combination of fat and lean body mass.

With strength training and proper macro nutrients, we can ensure most of the weight lost comes from body fat. The idea is to sculpt the body, not just get skinny.

It comes down to two things….

To become toned, you need to drop body fat. This means locking in your nutrition.

Second, you need to strengthen your muscles. This can be accomplished with proper resistance training.

If a woman’s goal is to get slim with definition, a Toning Workout for Women program has to be crafted specifically for firming and muscle definition.

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The key factors for a slim-fit Toning Workout for Women Program

1. Train for toning not size

Avoid lifting weight to failure,pushing through the pain and burn as your trainers would have it. Lifting to failure is going to cause breakdown of the muscle fibers, resulting in new muscle tissue growth, bigger growth that is. Instead pick a weight you can lift 10 times and stop 2-3 reps shy for 8 reps. This will allow just enough muscle contraction for firming and toning , while reducing the size of that body part as well. Working just shy of failure will create a fit and athletic body, that ins’t overly muscular or bulky.

2. Strategic Cardio for slim defined legs 

Cardio is tricky when in a calorie deficit and nutrition is dialed is just right for weight loss. If the goal is to become slim and toned cardio needs to be kept low to moderate intensity. Large amounts of cardio can be hard on the body when calories are low and lead to over training.This can also increase hunger, making  the calorie deficit harder to maintain than it needs to be.  Instead focus more on short steady cardio sessions (ex. 30 min incline walk, 30 min stair master). For high intensity cardio keep it short as well ( ex. body weight splits squats 4 sets of 8 with 45 second rest btwn sets). This style of cardio will tone up the legs, keep hunger cravings at bay and allow for extra fat burn while not over training.

3. Core Training for the Flat Stomach 

I’m not going to lie to you , there’s no magical exercise that is going to make the stomach flat and defined. Honestly , if fat levels are to high the stomach will never be flat. If you want to see a flat stomach, getting fat levels low are a must. With that being said, training is still important for the flat stomach. Women typically are not after deep cut angular abdominal muscles. To get the nice flat defined look need proper training for the core . Planks are great for this and leg raises. The Single leg bridge is another great exercise for a defined core.

4. Nutrition  

If the goal is to slim down and build a sexy toned body, nutrition is going to be the most important piece of the puzzle. Body fat levels have to be reduced, and that requires a calorie deficit. You can beat your head against the wall trying to find the perfect work outs for fat loss but at the end of the day none of these will work without restricting your calories. I find the easiest way to approach this is by having two to 3 meals oppose to the classic 6 meals. For example: push your first meal back 4-5 hours after waking up and then have a medium lunch, followed by a large dinner. If you need to eat breakfast keep is small , a fruit cup or boiled egg will work. This will allow the body to be in prime state to burn fat through out the day.

True Will Aesthetics: Toning Workout for Women



Single dumbbell rows-3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

Dumbbell Bench Press- 3 sets X8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

core- Planks 3 sets hold to failure


Body weight split squats 4 sets x10 ( 45 sec rest between sets)

30 min stair master (low to moderate intensity)


lateral dumbbell side raises-3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

Dumbbell Triceps extensions-3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

Hammer dumbbell  curls-3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

core-Single leg bridges


Body weight squats 4 sets x10 ( 45 sec rest between sets)

30 min elliptical (low to moderate intensity)

Wednesday- Off


Lat pull downs- -3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

Dumbbell incline flyes- 3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

Core- forward planks 3 sets to failure


Body weight split squats 4 sets x10 ( 45 sec rest between sets)

30 min stair master (low to moderate intensity)


Dumbbell seated shoulder press- 3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

cable rope triceps push down-3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

cable rope Biceps curls -3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

Saturday- off


You many have noticed  no leg day. This is due to the fact that strategic cardio has been Incorporated at the end of every workout. This will define and slim down the legs. If you want direct leg training you can simply add a leg day in on Wednesday.

Leg & glutes day tweak

Walking dumbbell lunges-  3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

Dumbbell goblet squat-3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

Romanian deadlift–3 sets x8 reps (pick a weight you can lift x10)

Size Tweak

If you want to add size simply pick a weight that x8 is to failure. You can do this across the entire workout for over all size gains or you can just pick a specific muscle group you want to grow.


Ending notes: The goal is a slim-fit physique, a body you can dress confidently in stylish clothing. To accomplish this you need your nutrition dialed in and a proper resistance training program . For a complete course on Toning Workout for Women check out Athena Sculpting.



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