A Woman’s Superset Workout to Sculpt and Shape your Arms.

true will womens arm

Slim-Firm and defined arms are a very good look on a woman.

During the summer months this allows for stylish halter tops, swim suits, and dresses to show off.

So no routine should go on without a structured upper body routine to sculpt the arms.

Not only will this routine build definition in the arms but it will sculpt the shoulders and chest to get you looking slim-fit for those warm months!

Arm Sculpting Workout 

The workout will be structured around a superset style of lifting, with  a total of 4 supersets.

Video tutorials for each exercise.

Supersets-performing sets of two different exercises back to back. (for example:  Perform a set of biceps curls and then hit the triceps pressdown with no rest in between.)

This will give you a pump and burn , so be ready!

3 sets | SUPERSET 1

8 side lateral raise straight into hammer curl  followed by 10 bent over rear delt raises ( no rest in between 8 and 10 reps, counts as 1 set)

3 sets | SUPERSET 2

10 incline bench close grip dumbbell press  straight into 12 Standing tricep push-up ( no rest in between 10 and 12 reps, counts as 1 set)

3 sets | SUPERSET 3 

10 Single Arm Bicep Curl w/ Static Hold  straight into 8 overhead press ( no rest in between 10 and 8 reps, counts as 1 set)

3 sets | SUPERSET 4

8-10 Cable High Face Pulls straight into 8-10 cable overhead tricep extensions ( no rest in between 10 and 10 reps, counts as 1 set)

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Workout Notes:

  • No rest in between each rep count , you will go straight into the next rep count before counting that as one set for a total of 3 sets.
  • In between each set take about 1-2 min rest.
  • For gaining muscle size pick a weight that ends close to failure on last rep.
  • If looking for definition without the added size aim for a weight you can lift 3-5 reps over the target rep goal above. This will be a lighter weight, allowing you to avoid working to failure.

Just sub out your current arm, chest and shoulder workout for routine above and this will give you that summer definition you’re looking for.

For glutes check out my Bigger Stronger Glutes Workout.

Start Sculpting and Shaping Your Arms Today.

true will womens workout

For a complete program designed for women wanting to target key muscle groups for growth like glutes for example: Check out my Athena Sculpting Program ( Included: complete flexible dieting and nutrition guide for fat loss and lean muscle gain)  

Girls , please leave a comment below if this helped you with your arm workout or if you have one of your own to share. 

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