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Women’s Complete Full Body Home Workout

(Booty Focused)

Gym Workout or Home Workout?

A workout supervised by a personal coach or knowledgeable friend will always out weigh a workout that can be done at home.

A good mentor knows how to perfect your movements, get the right muscles working, improve your flexibility, and strengthen the key muscles so your body can  function at is finest.

A good fitness mentor knows how to hold you accountable and keep your momentum going to keep completing incredible workouts.

However, there are many individuals out there who can’t afford a personal trainer or even a gym membership for that matter.

There are also individuals who are self-conscious and do not want to work out in public.

Finally, there are people who are confined to their houses because they are raising kids or working around the clock.

For these people, I created this Women’s Full Body Home Workout.

This is also a great workout to sub in while traveling with no access to the gym.

Women’s Full Body Home Workout

If your goal is fat loss set a calorie deficit by following my protocol here 

For women looking to build lean muscle mass, set a calorie surplus following my system here 

The rules are simple, if want to build muscle take in more energy than you’re burning.

For fat loss consume less energy than you’re burning.

No equipment needed for this home workout.

The Women’s Full Body Home Workout is designed to maximize mobility, while focusing on the glutes and developing full body strength.

Perform 2 sets of 15 to 20 reps for each workout

Video tutorials for each.


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Day One

hip flexor stretches
glute bridges
side lying clams
bird dogs
Bulgarian squats
Plank up down to push ups
Tricep push ups

Day Two

hip flexor stretches
quadruped hip extensions
side lying abductions
prisoner full squats
hip thrusts
Squat shoulder press
walk outs

Day Three

hip flexor stretches
single leg glute bridges
quadruped hip circles
high step ups
single leg hip thrusts
Bicep leg curls
Lying Back extensions


start won’t with 1 to 2 min rest between each exercise and work your way down to 45 sec rest.

As it gets easier add 5 more reps for each exercise.

Perform workout for 12 weeks 3 times per week

If you own resistant bands or a set of light dumbbells you can use them for added resistance.

Cardio – total 15min

  • Walk for 60 seconds.
  • Jog for 30 seconds.
  • Walk for 60 seconds.
  • Jog for 30 seconds.

Keep alternating like this for 15 min perform 2 to 3 times per week .

Ab Definition

Check out my Women’s Flat and Firm Stomach Workout Here 

Concluding thoughts:

Whether is being self conscious at the gym, short on funds or simply to busy to make it to the gym. This Women’s Full Body Home workout will sculpt and Shape all the essential muscles while burning the necessary fat all from the comfort of your own home.

The key movements for this workout have been selected to activate the glutes while building their strenght at the same time.

These specific glute exercises are followed by your full body movements to sculpt your arms , chest , back and shoulders.

Try this work out for 12 weeks and watch your butt lift and form into that perfect shape you have always wanted.

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