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Most Women define a great physique by having a great set of abs just like men.

The benefits of strengthening your core come with many, to name just a few:

  • Improved posture – great core strength keeps the spine upright.
  • Protection of the lower spine -prevention of anterior pelvic tilt.
  • Improved over all balance – stabilization of your core balance.
  • Injury prevention – a tight core helps with your over all form.
  • Over all improved performance -with a tight core you can move faster and are stronger.

Can you obtain great looks abs just from working them out in the gym?

Dropping body fat levels is required and you honestly will never see any stomach definitions without dropping body fat levels.

The combination of a calorie deficit combined with a great core workout is untouchable!

The goals here are a bit different for most women when it comes to abs though.

From my experience most women are not after deep cut up abs but rather a flat and firm stomach with just a hint of definition.

None the less, the focus and dedication remains the same for both men and women obtaining great abs.

With these Ab exercises you can achieve a flat stomach with just the right amount of definition.

These ab workouts work incredibly well especially when combined with a workout with compound movements like dead lifts , squats and hip thrust.

Women’s Flat & Toned Abs Workout A

This is a great workout for women when the have reached lower body fat levels and they want to get that great flat and firm stomach. It will be perfect for a bikini or a summer halter top without getting a deep ripped look like guys are after.

  • Lying Leg Raises 2 x per week- 5 sets of 20 reps
  • Hip Bridges- these will be performed right after the lying leg raises, hold the hip bridge for 1- 2 minuets. 3 sets
  • Planks Supesets 2 x per week – front plank hold for 1 min then straight into left side plank for 1 min and then straight into right side planks for 1 min. total of 3 sets

Women’s Flat & Toned Abs workout B

This is great for woman who are still dropping body fat levels. It is a little more fast pace to get the heart rate up, torching those extra calories.\

The work out will be a total of 5 min and performed 2 times a week.

Each exercise will last for 30 seconds with a 30 second rest break between each set.

1. lower abs tuck in

2. plate pass

3. plank rolls 

4. Lying scissor kicks 

5. plank jack to oblique crunch each leg


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For workout A The lying leg raise is primarily a stabilizing exercise for the abs , this will keep the abs from increasing in size.  The hip thrust will help to improve posture and maintain back strength.  Super set the planks and take a 45 set rest in between each set.

For workout B I suggest setting a stop watch for 30 second intervals to keep you on track for a 5 min workout.


If you want you combine Workout A and B to hit a fast pace core work out and a abdominal Stabilizing core workout in the same week you can alternate the two workouts 3 times a week

Example would be Monday workout A Wednesday workout B Friday workout A . Next week Monday workout B Wednesday workout A Friday workout B and so on.

Add in various lower back movements to help strengthen the lower back at the end of your routine.

Various Lower back Exercises Include:

Ending thoughts:

These workouts are designed for the woman who is looking for a flat and firm stomach with some slight definition.

If that is your goal try incorporating these ab routines into your current workout schedule for great results.

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