The Secret Code to Building Muscle


In this article, I want to talk about the secret code to muscle development, while staying lean.

From my experience, when I meet a guy who wants to put on muscle and size, he’s most likely not at his goal physique, due to lack of strength.

You seldom see a guy front squatting 225lb or benching 300lb, frustrated with his leg or chest size. It’s because, this is a byproduct of his strength.

Of course, there is not a secret underground method for rapid muscle gains, but there are “lost techniques.”

Progressive overload is the number one driver for muscle growth!

Therefore, the focus shouldn’t be on getting to goal weight; rather, it should be focused towards getting stronger on crucial exercises.

  • Incline Bench Press
  • Standing Military Press
  • Weighted Dips

Building up strength on lifts like these will rapidly add muscle to your frame, and get you a physique to be proud of.

This “lost technique” you don’t hear other guys talking about at the gym, or see doing is Reverse Pyramid Training.

Most guys want to hit 3 sets of 10 for most lifts, or a typical pyramid set, and call it good.

I’m not saying this is bad, but it’s not optimal for strong, lean, dense, muscular development.

Well maybe I am saying it’s bad, haha, to each their own I guess?

In my programs, I teach RPT, which is the greatest real way to dish out the maximum muscle development from your strength gains.

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The Nuts and Bolts

Most have heard of a typical pyramid training session.

It starts with lighter weight and higher reps, progressing into heavier weight and lower reps, thus finishing with the heaviest set.

But if you flip that pyramid upside down, magic happens.

Here’s how

RPT is the reverse, starting heavy and finishing high.

The first heavy sets encourage more muscle fiber recruitment on the 2 sub-sequential lighter sets, which translates into a load of muscle development.

The Sweet Spot for Squeezing Out the Max Muscle Growth

Incline Bench Press

  • Warm-up: 2-5 sets at 40-67% of your first set x 3-6
  • Goal 6
  • Set drops: 10%
    • Set 1: 200 x 4-6
    • Set 2:180 x 6-8
    • Set 3: 162 x 8-12

That’s how a typical RPT sequence looks.

Progression is the Name of the Game

Short lesson on linear and double progression:

Linear progression is when you’re upping the load every workout, doing 200 first week, 202.5 next week, 205 third week, and so forth.

Problem with linear progression is, your reps can’t keep up, because there’s no way you’re going to keep adding 2.5 kg or 5 lbs to the bar every week.

Whether its improper form, or hindering progress with reduced 3 rep sets, linear progression has its place, but not in this situation.

RPT uses double progression.

Double progression, is when you’re progressing in reps and upping the load, once a certain number of reps can be completed.

This certain number is the GOAL.

In the sequence above, we have Goal 6 and Set 1: 200 x 6.

If the Goal is 6 and the number of reps greater than 6 in Set 1, this set is suitable for an increase, next session.

Time is of the Essence

RPT is the most time-efficient technique, and suggests superior results. So yes, if time is limited and you can’t be in the gym more than three times a week, you must make every set count.

RPT does. There’s no room for phoning in or half-assing. Every set is striving to hit a personal record, from the previous week.

When every set counts, you can have a life outside the gym, while building an amazing body.

Staying Lean with RPT

RPT is hands down the most effective way to gain, or retain muscle and strength while losing fat.

When in a calorie deficit, you do not want to over tax your nervous system with a routine geared primarily on high volume intensity, this lead to over training.

When in calorie surplus, you don’t want to focus too much on lower volume intensity.

This is great for strength, but you will lose precious muscle development. Instead, you need a proper ratio of both.

This is why RPT is the Holy Grail of weight lifting, when it comes to building an “Aesthetic Physique”.

Building Strength Is The Secret Code to Muscle Development

The basics work for a reason, and they always will.

The reason you pack on a ton of muscle, while following my programs, is because strength-building is the cornerstone of my programs.

They utilize Reverse Pyramid Training, and Targeted Volume Training on specific muscle groups, for a well-proportioned “Ideal Physique”

Concentrate on building strength. Record your workouts, and make sure you’re progressing each week – whether it is up 5 lbs, or an extra rep.

If you’re interested in building strength on your key lifts each month, and getting the “Ideal Physique” that is universally admired and respected, check out my programs for your “Ideal Physique” choice.

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