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What I’ve found with my training in the past, is the key to achievable year-round results is from some form of periodization.

This important for any program to be successful and especially a beginners skinny fat body for true results.

Periodization is a training system performed by fitness enthusiasts and athletes (regardless of sport) whereby fitness is built in stages and reaches a peak at certain times.

An example of peridoization would look something like this for example:

Bench Press week 1 4×8/ week 2 5×6 / week 3 6×5

As you see here the sets are going up but the reps are going down , this is going to help manage over all volume and intensity.

32 reps / 30 reps / 30 reps

This is important because you well be aiming to add 2.5 – 5lbs of weight to the bar every week.

Then on the 4rth week the peridozation block starts over with your last week added to the bar from week three.

You can apply this method to all you major compound lifts , see article here.


It’s important to train with a ‘goal’ in mind.

To get the most out of your diet and training, you’ll want to have pin-point clarity about what goal you are aiming for at any given time.

Goals keep you sharp and focused with the additional benefit that you’ll seldom become bored with the same old routines month after month.

Peridoization is going to be the driving force of your progressive overload, without this success will be slim to none.

You will enjoy training much more by being able to shrive for each additional peak!

Each of the peaks within a intelligently designed routine need to be goal oriented.

For a successful well planned routine, the goals in mind should be STRENGTH, FAT LOSS and MUSCLE GAIN.

These goals should be placed accordingly within your plan , reflecting your diet/exercise protocol for the given specific goal.

In other words each phase of your designed plan needs to be phased for each specific goal .( Ex.  phase a. fat loss/strength , phase b. muscle gain and  Phase c. Fat Loss)

Most people fail when building a streght routine for one simple reason.

They think these goals need to be mutually exclusive from one another.

You can gain strength and loss body fat at the same time and and you can gain strength during a muscle building stage.

The TRUE KICKER  is you can build muscle and drop body fat simultaneously as well!

Many are under the impression rep ranges , induce fat loss.

So if rep ranges do not control fat loss , what do rep ranges control?

Rep Ranges

true will aesthetics

Rep Ranges are important in that muscle fibers react in one of either two ways: They GROW or they get STRONGER.

To get the most out of your training , the rep ranges should be set specifically for each goal phase of your routine.

This is going to ensure you maximize the success for each goal and what it was designed for!

You can forget about you fat burning super sets , claiming to TORCH ?BELLY FAT in 15 min protocols!

One can burn just as much if not more fat with low rep trained, designed intelligently with diet.

So are high reps important?

high rep training (15-20+)

Im not here to bash high rep training , I do believe it has its place for sure.

Certain muscle groups need that extra push for fatigue.

example would be calves, biceps or abs

These muscles groups are generally composed of a greater percentage of slow twitch muscle (endurance) fibers , oppose to fast twitch muscle (power) fibers.

With this in mind , a successful routine needs to be put together using multiple rep ranges for the specific goal phase.

This is going to insure you cover the muscle fibers , for your given bodies genetic make up.

This leads me to machines.



Although I prefer to train the body as an entire unit, rather than specifically targeting individual muscles most of the time. There’s a point in time during a big lift (such as a bench press) that the smaller stabilizing muscle groups will ‘give way’ and start to fatigue.

This is where machines can come into play.

By isolating smaller muscle groups on a machine, you’re able to target them once a bigger muscle group has been exhausted.

For this reason, you’ll sometimes find them listed after major muscle-

groups In The models body Course.


During the final week of the program, you’ll find the use of isolation exercise and machine-based movements become a momentary focus.

Nothing will strip the muscle of glycogen quite as effectively as performing high-rep exercises (which machines can be great for).

What is the bread and butter ? What is going to change your body the fastest? The my friend is the KING exercises…

The “KING” exercise is KEY

true will aesthetics


Whilst compound movements such as the squat, bench press, chin-up and dead-lift will often be considered ‘kings’, there’s a strong case to be made by adding volume to your training when and where necessary by means of additional isolation movements.

Isolation exercises are great for ‘overloading’ the muscle which will lead to muscle-fibre fatigue and/or damage (initiating growth).


More often than not, you’ll see way too many isolation exercises being performed in a routine.

It just isn’t necessary to follow up your bench press with five sets of ‘pec-deck’, five sets of ‘cable flyes’ and one hundred more pushups—if you aren’t on the ‘juice’ or training for competition, you can largely forget all that.

It’s about getting in the gym, working out with the highest intensity you can and then leaving.
No mucking around with too many additional exercises.

Concluding thoughts for periodization:

Alot of this advice is for beginners but can be helpful for an advanced lifter looking for information to build a new routine or start a new program.

Your program needs to be intelligently dessinged for progressive over load .

You need to be working harder than last time! 

working harder than last time can only happen if your program is designed to manage periodization.

At the end of the day the most important part is overall consistency.

Stop program hoping or looking for the next best thing , Remember….

The routine itself isn’t important. Picking something, sticking with it, and working hard trumps the program.

Intelligently designed programs

If your want a full program, intelligently designed for setting goals each week and meeting them: Check out True Will Aesthetics Premium Programs.

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