Having patience is probably a single quality of upmost importance of human behavioral habits.

Unfortunately patience is not a natural habit for most of us.

Having Patience is rewarding for just about everything in life.

Here we will be talking about the importance of patience when it applies to dieting.

You see when it comes to dieting there is science and then there is common human natural behavioral habits.

The Science part is easy, crunch the facts and numbers and you get results.

Its the Human natural behavioral habits that becomes more difficult to overcome!

Our Natural Habits

Breaking our common natural habits takes years of personal practice and experience with dieting.

As we get older we start to look at the idea of time differently.

When we’re young we only live in the moment.

I actually preach this as a lifestyle because, in actual real scheme of things , “the now” is truly all we have.

This is only natural when we’re younger, our minds are busy taking in the world.

And with dieting, living in just the moment does not work unless you’re blessed with genetics from the god’s.

At some point in everyone’s life they start to create a fixation on time.

This Fixation with time will bring about a dire consciousness of days, weeks and months progressing.

Self awareness of our past will start to become a natural impulse for us to reflect on.

Thoughts of how much better things would have been if I made this choice oppose to that choice.

This thought process should be used to motivate ones self into action.

Or to remind yourself not to make the same mistake twice.

With dieting we can’t help but regret some of the “quick fixes” or “diet hacks” we tried in our past!

But without living the moments and suffering the lost and wasted time, we’d be a lesser version of our self’s.

Failing Forward to Success

Improvement at anything is based on thousands of tiny failures, and the magnitude of your success is based on how many times you’ve failed at something.

If someone is better than you at something, then it’s likely because they have failed at it more than you have.

If someone is worse than you, it’s likely because they have not been through all of the painful learning experiences you have.

You see, reflecting on the past has us realize that our pains and struggles back then were a byproduct of our impatience.

And impatience is a great lesson to learn from.

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We all engage similar in dieting at our beginning stages , yo-yoing are way up and down the numbers on the scale.

We have a constant obsession with the numbers on the scale and how defined our abs are looking.

This all stems from one natural human behavioral habit and that is impatience!

The ability to delay gratification strongly predicts success later in life.

We are very unaware of this at our novice levels of dieting.

Which brings us to the power of Patience.


During my first fist years of dieting, I did many ignorant things things from lack of patience.

Years went by and I was never seeing any true results and the little results I did see were slim.

It wasn’t until I became self aware and honest with my past mistakes, before I saw consistent progress.

I stopped telling myself that I am special and I could figure out a fast track to my physique and dieting goals.

Being honest with myself allowed me to acknowledge all my past failures.

My dieting failures weren’t due to just bad genetics, required steroids, or someone’s else fault/environment.  

You see we’re all quick to blame our failures on others.

For example: I wouldn’t have ate that fatty food if you didn’t bring it around or if it wasn’t for the holidays I could loose this belly.  

We must learn to become self aware and honest with our mistakes and own them.

When this mind set is applied your life will change and you will see diet progress.

Their is a key to applying patience to dieting, finding your pattern, a  long term sustainable diet that is enjoyable, is the secret key.

By the time you learn the Science, meaning setting calories and applying correct macros you should stop trying to hack the system.

Of course leaning the hard way is our natural human behavioral habits.

You see what sets successful dieting apart from unsuccessful dieting is not some magic calorie number or crazy macro split.

It lies in the ability to make a plan backed by science, applying that plan, and setting a pace to see that plan through tell the end.

Success comes from the patience of sticking to consistency, not deviating from the plan and trying to tweak it.

Most likely you will fail just as I did for some time.

There will be times of lost hope and urges to try and cheat the system.

This will all come from lack of experience and patience.

The thing is you have to try and with trying comes PRACTICE.


If you want to become great and familiar with anything in life you have to start practicing.

With practice comes failure and with failure comes success.

Start practicing and stop failing.

Get a food tracking app, record your body measurements, eat healthier foods, and set small goals. 

For example: If you’re 20 percent body fat aim to loose 2 to 2.5 percent body fat a month.

In two months you will look great, with another consistent 2 months you will be turning heads!

Some of you will take note to this and reach your achievements the easy way.

Many will not and that’s okay, learn the hard way.

This is actually one of the best ways.

Pain and regret have a much greater impact than words from articles of guidance. 

Please remember you’re not special and you can not cheat the system

Doing things fast is doing things slower.

Practice patience and embrace the process.

Forget about day to day and focus on the bigger picture.

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