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The Biggest Fitness & Bodybuilding Myth Holding You Back

You’ve probably heard a million times already that building an awesome physique is 80% diet and only 20% exercise.

One of The Biggest Myths in Fitness & Bodybuilding

It makes sense, right? Diet seems like the confusing part.

Is it low carb, high carb, how much protein, should you do keto, fasting, is fruit okay… lots of questions.

Then on the exercise side. It seems so simple at first.

Get a workout routine, go to the gym, and move the weights…

Unfortunately, the 80/20 how it’s described above is complete and utter bullshit!

Just like you can’t out work a shit diet, you cannot expect optimal results focused primarily around diet.

When helping men & women build amazing physiques, I’ve noticed most people, after years of training barely gain any new muscle after the “newbie gains” phase.

Something is missing and it’s not more food.

Their bodies have had plenty of calories and protein to build muscle.

What was missing is a strong signal to literally force the body to grow.

Eating itself isn’t what builds muscle.

Nutrition is merely fuel and the building blocks for the process.

If training is not progressively pushing your body to do more, become stronger, get better… nothing happens. Zero.

Imagine a group of masonry workers, with all their tools to lay the bricks but not structured plan or incentive to begin construction.

That’s the same as having your nutritional needs dialed in without having an optimal training program in place for your goal.

An optimized workout plan is usually the number one thing missing when people come to me for advice.

But I Don’t want to Get Too Bulky

“You know Michael… I only want to gain a little bit of muscle, just abs and some definition…”

Guess What?

Your training pan needs to be optimized for that specific goal

Each of us have a goal in mind for our physiques. 

Lets address some things:

1 – You won’t get “too bulky”. If you Focus on growing key muscle groups that create the strongest visual impact.

2 – You don’t need to carry a lot of body weight to look amazing and muscular.

I’m 6ft and most of the year I’m around 173-175 lbs.

The secret is that at 173-175 lbs I’m at 8-10% body fat. And what allowed me to be at such a low body fat at that weight is having more lean muscle mass.

I Also focus on staying lean year round while growing key muscle groups. (shoulders, upper chest , arms and back)

Now, if you don’t know where to start to finally “crack the code”, get lean, and live a healthy lifestyle… here’s where you can start.

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Weight Loss Alone Creates More Problems

Lack of muscle mass (example: skinny fat) makes losing fat much harder.

Lets use and male individuals, weighing in at 190lbs with 125lbs of lean muscle mass for example.

He wants to drop to 8-10% body fat levels to see his abs.

This means he’ll have to drop all the way to about 145lbs to achieve his goal.

That’s 45lb of weight to loose and it will not be an easy ride.

For that reason, with beginner clients, I like to focus on building a” Rigid Core”  while dropping body fat at the same time.

The programs I design for them are very progressive. It forces their body to adapt and grow in key areas.

That’s the ONLY way to get to the next level.

On the other hand, people who are just focused on weight loss and don’t have an optimal progressive training program made for them, by default fall shy of reaching their goal.

Metabolism becoming sluggish and still having 10-15 lbs of fat left on your stomach, isn’t very motivating… Sound familiar?

Best case scenario, you end up seeing a tiny bit of the top portion of your abs in perfect lighting, flexed.

And that point, many start complaining how hard it is to get rid of that last bit of belly fat.

…”It doesn’t want to come off. How do I isolate it?…”

The real issue is the lack of lean muscle mass.

And the mainstream “80% diet, 20% training” is BS for anyone who wants to build a great physique.

I’m an Advanced Lifter but I have Plateaued

80% diet & 20% exercise is complete bullshit as well for even advance lifters, even more so.

A beginner will see better results following an 80/20 rule due to the simple fact that their bodies are being introduced to a new stimulus.

Even Beginners will eventually plateau with this approach as well.

Advanced lifters are far past this new body stimulus, their diet and training need to be fully optimized.

Both Diet and nutrition need to be working in sync with one another for the specific goal.

If a individual is implementing a calorie surplus for lean muscle gain, his training needs to be designed specifically for that.

Remember nutrition is not the driving force for muscle growth.

Progressive overload is the cornerstone of muscle growth.

If one is not recording their lifts or developed a system to advance in those lifts week to week, they will never get past their plateau.

What Building a Great Body Comes Down To

I am talking about building muscle in KEY AREAS not becoming some jacked meat head to be clear.

Rarely do I work with competitive bodybuilders.

My clients are everyday people with busy schedules , looking for fitness to just enhance their life not consume it.

I’m talking about a lean and fit Ideal Physique, something admired universally.

No Magical Silver Bullet will solve this .

It comes down to an intelligent training, nutrition, and recovery plan that’s specifically designed for your goal.

This is the only way to crack “the code” and build a body most will never achieve.

Now, if you don’t know where to start to finally get lean, and live a healthy lifestyle… here’s where you can start.

Apply for my 1-on-1 coaching system and lets talk.

If you’re a do it yourself person: check out my premium programs here.

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