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It’s that time of the year , pass the potatoes and gravy!

I can hear the sounds of the waves crashing in the distances while I carve the turkey.

If only this were true and not just me imagining a perfect Thanksgiving posted up at the beach, taking in the sun!

Unfortunately beaches and Thanksgiving aren’t a common practice for most.

While the lucky ones on the coast have their 70 to 80 degree holiday, I will be in mid America cold and 12,000 plus calories over the next few days!

Each day I’ll most likely have a food baby that could rival most 5 month pregnant women!

I want to discuss my strategies for remaining lean during the Thanksgiving Holiday Feast.

Even though a lot of us won’t be running up and down the beach like a scene out of the classic Baywatch series, doesn’t mean we can’t keep or get the beach bod look!

These Strategies are fairly simple and takes minor discipline.

They goal when it comes to any diet is about staying consistent, whether its losing fat or building lean muscle.

These approach’s can be used for which ever your current goal is at a given time.

The point is to enjoy ourselves while we stay consistent with our targets.

Thanksgiving Beach Bod Strategies

We will be discussing 3 different approaches for the Thanksgiving Beach bod diet strategy.

Families typically have a big Thanksgiving lunch or a large Thanksgiving dinner, hell sometimes they have two  separate days like mine!

Let talk about the first scenario..

Thanksgiving Lunch Beach Bod Strategy.

If your family eats their holiday feast for lunch this is the Thanksgiving Beach Bod Strategy you want to follow.

The protocol takes less discipline and is easier to achieve due to the fact you’re eating majority of your calories earlier in the day.

If lunch is at noon or one wake up at least by 6 am to 7 am.

You will be cutting out breakfast completely.

There will be 0 calorie intake and a cup or two of black coffee only during breakfast hours.

You will be eating two or three meals total for the day.

If large meals are not a challenge for you than stick with two , if you need to break it up stick with three meals for the day.

If you eat two meals your daily calorie intake will be divided in two, 75% for the feast and 25% for the smaller meal.

For the Feast moderate protein intake will be consumed here with high carbohydrates and moderate fat.

Just about all of your fat and carbs will be consumed during this first giant meal.

This is going to allow your to have a heaping amount of protein with a pile of starchy carbs. followed by a delicious dessert!

This is going to be one EPIC meal that will be challenging to take down for some , others will rock its world and have to be careful not to indulge too much!

With that  being said calories and macros still count and you need to be strategic about this.

Still aim to hit balanced food categories , don’t just go for the fattiest foods or starchiest foods.

Be sure to consume a moderate portion of lean meat, vegetables and less fatty starches like a few rolls with no butter or a few plain potatoes.

Then the other potion of your intake can be pleasure foods.

Exercise (optional)

If you can squeeze in a workout before your holiday feast it would be optimal.

This can be hard to accomplish with gyms being closed for the holidays, but if they’re open or you have a gym at home take advantage and hit the gym hard.

With a proper rep range and sets , you can fuel your muscles with the post workout thanksgiving feast.

This will minimize fat storage from food and partition majority of the calories to your muscles.

You will need to be lifting heavy weights with a low to moderate volume.

Reverse Pyramid Training is perfect for this and can be found in both my men and women’s programs here.

Again Exercising before the Thanksgiving feast is optional, the overall calorie intake and macro balance is far more important!

Example Lunch Thanksgiving Beach Bod feast layout for 170lb male with calorie target of 2,740

Wake up– 6am to 7am ( have 1 cup to 2 cups of black coffee)

Need at least 4-5 hours of fasting before Thanksgiving meal.

Consume zero calories from this time until Thanksgiving lunch ( just water)

10 amworkout strength training (optional) – 5g of BCCA”S with water.

**If hunger cravings become too much consume some fruit like and apple an hour before. (still count this)

Lunch: 75% daily calories intake 

  • Roasted turkey breast – 9 oz
  • Green bean casserole- 1 cup
  • Dinner roll- 1
  • Honey Glazed Ham- 4 oz
  • Turkey Dressing- 1.5 cups
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes- 1.5 cups
  • Creamy Turkey Gravy- 3 oz
  • Pumpkin pie – 1 sclice
  • Fudge Brownie-1
  • total calories 2, 127

Dinner: 25%  daily calorie intake 


Greek Yogurt bowl

  • Vanilla Chobani 15 oz
  • fruity Pebbles- 1 0z
  • fruit snacks-25 grams
  • frozen mixed fruit- cup
  • total calories- 597

Grand total calories 2,724


protein 30% fat 20% carbs 50%

You will have to eyeball these portions.

I recommend using an app like myfitnesspal to make educated guesses and for recording purposes.

The idea is to be mindful of your calorie intake and have a point of reference. Listen to your body as well.

Here is a screen shot of logging this meal:

Lets talk about scenario 2…

Example Dinner Thanksgiving Beach Bod feast layout for 170lb male with calorie target of 2,740

This Protocol will call for a little more discipline but with proper strategy it can be effortless.

Wake up- when ever you feel like it, wake up time in not as strict for this scenario.

You will be eating majority of your calories for dinner later in the day.

Just make sure your first meal is pushed back 4-5 hours after waking up.

Consume nothing but water and black coffee 4-5 hours before first meal.

Lunch: ( low carb, low fat, and high protein) 25% daily calorie intake

  • White Fish filet- 10 oz
  • Romaine chopped lettecuce – 4 cups
  • Fresh Green Beans- 8 oz
  • White rice-1 cup
  • Honey Crisp Apple – 1
  • total Calories- 580 

examples: protein shake with mixed green salad, mixed greens salad with tuna or chicken breast.

4pmworkout strength training ( optional)

Dinner: 75% calorie intake 

  • Roasted turkey breast – 9 oz
  • Green bean casserole- 1 cup
  • Dinner roll- 1
  • Honey Glazed Ham- 4 oz
  • Turkey Dressing- 1.5 cups
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes- 1.5 cups
  • Creamy Turkey Gravy- 3 oz
  • Pumpkin pie – 1 sclice
  • Fudge Brownie-1
  • total calories 2, 127

Grand total calories 2,707

protein 30% fat 20% carbs 50%

Again nothing has to be exact just be mindful and make educated guess and for best results log into app on phone.

The dinner option is a little more challenging because you will be eating a light lunch and consuming nothing until dinner.

A good strategy to help blunt hunger cravings before dinner would be to have the apple shortly before dinner to blunt cravings a little longer.

Side note: If you are like me and you feel like you can go all day with no for up until dinner by all means try it. 

This will be consuming all of your daily calories into one GIANT meal, leaving phenomenal amounts of room for everything to eat. 


let’s talk about scenario 3…

What if your calorie target is much lower?

The above strategies work very well for anyone eating over 2000 calories in a day.

But I know there are females out there that are on a cut and consuming around 1,300  to 1,7,00 calories a day. (some guys as well) 

Splitting these calories up in two meals could be challenging to near impossible with all the delicious foods available.

Here is the strategy for maintaining or building your Thanksgiving Beach bod for low calorie intake.

Using the 1,300 calorie Target per day example:

I’ve found a good strategy is to eat a little more strict the days leading up to the holiday feast, to “earn” more calories on the actual Feast.

Here’s an example week that would average 1,300 calories per day, but allow for higher calorie intake for the Thanksgiving Holiday Feast.

Week leading up to Thanksgiving events

  • Mon: 800
  • Tue: 800
  • Wed: 800
  • Thu: 2,350  Thanksgiving 1
  • Fri:   2,350   Thanksgiving 2: I know some families have two dinners due to families like mine does.
  • Sat: 1,000
  • Sun: 1,000

Total Calories for the week: 9,100

Resume normal eating schedule next week

  • Mon: 1,300
  • Tue: 1,300
  • Wed: 1,300
  • Thu: 1,300
  • Fri:   1,300
  • Sat: 1,300
  • Sun: 1,300

Total Calories for the week: 9,100

I think eating exactly (or right around) 1,300 calories for the holiday festivities would be extremely hard and mentally depressing.

A better approach is to simply setup your days in a way that allows for higher calorie days and meals while still hitting your target weekly calorie goal.

When it comes to dieting and tracking overall intake,there is more to it than just daily targets. 

Weekly averages are just important if not more important because they’re the bigger picture!

When you know this knowledge you can use it to your advantage like the strategy above.

This allows for you to still burn fat and indulge in the family thanksgiving festivities.

You will not get fat if you go over your daily target as long as you lower your calories another day to hit the weekly target average.

These Strategies can be applied to any upcoming Holiday event or for the night out on the weekends, followed by Sunday brunch!

For complete programs designed for building a lean , fit and strong body: While eating the foods you love check out True Will Programs. 

Leave a comment below if you have your own way of staying on track with your Physique goals for the Holidays.

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