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How to Build a Workout/Diet? Skinny Fat Body

Skinny Fat Body: Diet , Building a Workout and lifestyle. Having a skinny fat body is probably the worst thing for an individuals confidence. As a Skinny fat person we feel not only weak but small, soft and FRAGILE! A skinny fat body…
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Bubble Butt Workout

I know when a lot of women workout they struggle with keeping their quads or hamstring from taking over when it comes to building up a booty. This can be challenging to avoid if you do not know the right exercises to isolate the glutes…
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How To Workout For A Skinny-Fat Body?

Are you skinny fat? Skinny fat: sounds like some fancy kind of latte, right? If only! Nope, ‘skinny fat’ is the not-socomplimentary term conjured up by personal trainers to describe someone who is slender but has almost zero muscle mass. They…

How Short Workouts = Better Results

How To Make Short Workouts More Effective For Busy Professionals . Short on time? Workouts lacking Intensity? Feel like you’ll never get the body you want? A lot of this comes down to exercising smarter, not harder, or for…

2 Day's A Week Rapid Fat Loss Workout

This is a Rapid Fat Loss Workout Program specifically designed for my Rapid Fat loss Formula found here. The TWO work together incredibly well for DROPPING fat levels RAPIDLY while building STRENGTH and DENSE MUSCLE. The Rapid Fat…