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For some people dropping fat is the primary goal and that’s what this article will be about, that and building Strength of course!

The Rapid Fat Loss Formula is deigned specifically for my Rapid Fat Loss Workout Program here.

Together the program and formula work in sync for INCREDIBLE FAT LOSS and building STRENGTH with DENSE MUSCLE.

This Aggressive fat loss approach would be for individuals looking to burn fat as quickly as possible while maintaining Lean muscle mass.

For people looking for a conservative fat loss approach. ( see my article here)

There are LOTS of diets out there, but the BIG problem is that most of the more “aggressive diets” are WAY too extreme.

Some of these diets recommend having zero fats, no carbs, or keeping calories way too low!

These are all horrible things to do.

Not only do they KILL testosterone, but they cause you to sacrifice muscle tissue and inevitably feel miserable, burn out, and rebound gaining more weight than ever before.

The Struggle is real

Dropping fat can be a real struggle and I know it can be hard to lose the weight.

I say this with a promise that if you adapt to this exact formula for fat loss, you will never have to stress, or waste your money buying nonsense supplements again.

This is a simple formula that will literally change your life forever!


The Formula

Decide what a healthy weight for you would be, and then tack a ZERO on to the end of it.

I’m sure your’re like, “what is this ?”

Trust me though , it really is that simple to figure out, main stream fitness will just argue differently. Shhhhhh they just want you to buy their shit!

You see your body needs calories to function.

On average, it burns about 10 calories per day per pound of body weight.

So, if you weigh 200 pounds, your body will likely burn about 2,000 calories just to maintain its size and normal body function.  (TEA Discussed in article here)


If you weigh 300 pounds, but you have a desired weight of 200 pounds, you will need to lose 100 pounds.

Simply put If you want to weigh 200 pounds you would need to eat the required amount of calories that would sustain a 200 pound person.

200 x 10 = 2,000 

At 300 pounds, you’re consuming at least 3,000 calories per day, way more if you exercise regularly. That’s too much!

That’s the reason you’re  over weight.

How to Customize this Formula

  1. Pick your desired weight 
  2. Attach a 0 to the end of that weight. 

That provides you with 10 calories per pound of ideal body weight, and by sticking to this caloric formula, your body will shrink down to your ideal weight.

You will be feeding it enough to functional well at your ideal weight, but won’t be feeding it enough to remain at its larger size.


Want to weigh 150 pounds? Consume no more than 1,500 calories per day

Want to way 170 pounds? Consume no more that 1,700 calories per day.

This formula works EVERY TIME!

It’s NOT a diet, it’s just a method of managing your consumption habits (both food and beverage) to ensure you’re providing your body with the ideal amount of energy (calories) and not an excess amount.

Best way to Apply This Formula

We have 2 options here

  1. You can pick the way most main stream fitness advice has you eating , which is anywhere form 5 to 6 times a day.
  2. You can pick a enjoyable and sustainable way of only eating 2 times per day with a daily dessert!

Lets look at both for example.

Option 1: (Main Stream Advice )

An individuals weight is 300 and they desire to bee 200.  200 x 10 + 2,000 .

They can choose to eat 6 times a day which is 2,000 divided by 6 = 333 calories .

333 boring small meals 6 times a DAY!

I would loose my mind worrying about eating 6 times a day and finding such low calorie food!.

I think most people can agree with me that this is a setup for failure!

Option 2: (True Will Aesthetic Approach)

An individuals weight is 300 and they desire to bee 200.  200 x 10 + 2,000 .

They can choose this time to eat 2 times a day followed by a dessert.

1st meal- 800 calories

2nd meal- 1,200 (includes dessert)

I think we can all agree this is much more enjoyable and long term sustainable!

See my Modest Muscle Building Diet here for detailed description.

This is still of course following a 80/20 rule. 

That rule being 80% whole quality foods and 20% pleasure foods.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is what makes this program so effective.

Yes, you’re not going to be eating breakfast on this plan. Breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day, despite what the “media” and “addicts” tell you.

When you skip breakfast, growth hormone goes through the roof, which is advantageous because it shifts your metabolism to burning fat for fuel and sparing muscle protein.

During this fasted state in the morning, drink plenty of water and 1-2 cups of black coffee only (coffee will help blunt the hunger).

Don’t take in ANY additional calories during this “fasting” time.

You will break the fast with a medium sized meal first.

You will have the large meal later in the day.

After this large meal, only drink water. Don’t take in any calories between this large (later) meal and the medium meal the following day.

For best results I recommend fasting for the first 5-6 hours of the day. So if you wake up at 7am, aim to go until about 12-1pm before you eat your first meal.

Quit Doing It The Hard Way. Here’s How To Finally Get Lean And Build Your Best Body Ever:

Tired of trying to “figure it all out”? Struggling to Put together a workout plan that actually works? Use this exact guide for more effective fat loss  efforts & lean muscle gains, and see results in just 8 weeks.

Macros for Rapid Fat Loss Approach

I recommend about 30% protein, 20% fat and 50% carbs

It’s important to consume sufficient protein to maintain lean mass and stay full.

Fat plays an important role in hormonal output, If you cut out your fat intake you will never stay full and you’ll always be ravenous and your hormones will get out of whack.

Carbohydrates support training performance, mood, sleep and testosterone functioning.

In fact, most people have horrible experiences on very low diets because they either cut out their fat intake, carb intake or protein intake.

Clearly, the key is balance.

I recommend about 30% protein, 20% fat and 50% carbs.

We only need about 0.82g of protein to best support lean mass.

Refeed Day

I advise a refeed day of one time every two weeks.

Simply add 600 calories to your current intake.

These additional calories should take form mostly from carbs and some fats; this is because your protein intake is already optimal.

Carbs, specifically, will do the best job at restoring glycogen levels, setting you up for an anabolic state, and up regulating hormones such as leptin, that regulate appetite and metabolism. 

Rapid Fat loss Workout Program

Now this Rapid Fat Loss Formula is so successful you will lose weight just by dieting alone.

But here at True Will Aesthetics we are all about building amazing aesthetics.

If you’re Just burning a bunch of calories, you will end up skinny, or worse, skinny fat.

What really makes this formula successful and creates a visual impact is strength training.

Now lets talk about the The Rapid Fat Loss Workout Program Here

Option 2 Recap

  • Push 1st meal back 4 to 5 hours after waking up
  • Drink Coffee to suppress appetite and enhance alertness (black only)
  • Eating two meals per day ( as seen above)
  • Desired weight X 10= daily calorie target
  • Eat foods that are highly filling and satisfying
  • Apply 80/20 Rule ( 80% whole food 20% pleasure foods)
  • Use Modest Muscle Building Diet Strategy here

When you hit your goal, switch to maintenance level calories (14- 15 calories per pound of body weight). see article on setting maintenance calories here.

Reminder this Rapid Fat Loss Formula works best when applied with My Rapid Fat Loss Workout.

For Comprehensive Programs on setting a Targets and eating the foods you love while building a lean and fit body, check out True Will Programs.


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