So you love your diet and you have found one that works perfectly for you!

I am lucky enough to fall into this fortunate category as well.

I maintain a lean body year around while putting on lean muscle mass, eating the foods I love.

This is achieved by using flexible dieting and my strategies that go along with it.

See my Guide for Intermittent Fasting and a Modest Muscle Building Diet for reference.

Even when we have cracked the code to building lean muscle mass while enjoying a flexible diet , we can still screw up!

So you fell off track; what to do next?

screwed up diet

There can be a number of reasons why you might have screwed up your diet and fallen off track.

It could be from a night out with drinks or maybe you over did it on your favorite dish!

Lets first before anything else address the most important thing.

Stop stressing and don’t feel ashamed for your actions!

The first thing you need to do it brush it off and get over it.

Stressing and feelings of guilt can do far more damage to the body physically and mentally than one day of going over your daily calorie target.

People tend to mix eating with negative emotions, leading to binge eating.

When the truth is little damage occurs from eating an extra slice of pizza.

The real problems arise when feelings of shame lead to more bingeing and next thing you know you’re tossing your diet out completely!

You need to learn how to shift your negative feelings in a different direction.

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Turning Guilty Feelings into Positive Feelings

Lets start by being honest with yourself and admit you made a mistake, simply accept it and let it go.

Next take a look at what triggered the over eating in the first place.

For example you might have been eating your favorite food, hot wings.

Next thing you know your halfway through another plate of wings and a few hundred calories over.

You need to learn how to look at a problem and how to address it.

What caused you to overeat the wings?

Maybe your current diet has been to restricting lately of your favorite foods and the cravings became too powerful.

All this would Intel is re-working your current diet, allowing more room for your favorite foods to avoid cravings.

In addition to accepting it and addressing it don’t for the love of god try to make up for it!

There is no need for adding it additional training or cutting calories after.

This is actually counter productive and puts even more stress on the body, leading to more overeating.

The whole Idea here is to stop the cycle!

You see consistency is the key to any diet working, easily continue as usual and everything will fall back into place.

Falling off track is Part of the Game

screwed up diet

So the phrase goes all mistakes have a silver lining.

This is true for screwing up on your diet as well!

Falling off track gives us a chance to learn what makes your diet work and what doesn’t.

When you screw up your diet it teaches you hot to stay on track.

The only reason another person is better at dieting than you is because they have failed at more times than you have.

Just like anything else in life dieting takes practice, learn from your mistakes and carry on!  

let me point you in the right direction…..

The Grass is Actually Greener Over Here

screwed up diet

So wing on over and let me explain..

Like I have state before most people fall off their diets because they’re too strict.

This is why I stress people take the True Will Aesthetics Approach and toss the rules out the window.

Instead  we promote Flexible Dieting, centered around building strength: 

  • Learn to leave room in your calorie intake for foods you love.
  • Ignore the rules of meal frequency.
  • Enjoy large meals, allowing room for a variety of flavors..
  • Fast the first part of the day to burn stubborn fat.
  • Learn to raise your natural growth hormone.
  • Raise testosterone levels.
  • Promote healthy aging with cell regeneration
  • Reap the benefits of your natural productivity capabilities
  • Become Lean, Fit and Strong

I can promise you even the individuals with the most prominent physiques fall of track but that does’t stop them from looking god like!

For complete programs on building strength and flexible dieting check out: True Will Programs.

What do you do when you fall off track ? Please leave a comment with your advice.

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