Are your Thighs Too Big or Too Muscular?

Many girls start off working out with the idea that squats are the number one exercise for glute growth.

This image is drilled into women’s heads from Instagram, youtube and articles all over the internet.

This has some truth to it , yes squats will grow your glutes but squats alone are a thigh dominant exercise.

So most of the muscle growth from squats is going Straight to your thighs.

If super thick and muscular thighs are what you’re after, than you’re completely justified for sculpting your body that way.

Though from speaking with women , most are looking for an athletic slim-fit overall symmetrical look between upper and lower body.

So you have been working out for awhile now and you realize your thighs are bigger or have become more muscular than you want.

Or perhaps you just naturally have larger thighs and you’re looking for a way to reduce their size.

Just like I teach in my guys programs for Ideal body proportions , women can use key lifts to shift their body in any direction they choose.

In order for you to shrink your thighs while keeping your booty, is going to take some fine tuning.

First you Must Readjust your Nutrition

The first step is to shift your current calorie intake into a calorie deficit.

You can see my article here for a detailed outline for creating a calorie deficit here.

In short you must be burning more energy than you’re consuming.

Energy in = BMR + TEF + TEA + NEAT (calories in vs. calories out) 

After you have made this diet adjustment you need to decide what exercises to do.

Exercise Selection

The Second step is to decide what movements are going to be best for dominating glute activation.

This is not going to be a 30 day squat challenge, this will only dominate and grow the thighs more.

You want to start utilizing exercises that are more HIP DOMINATE oppose to KNEE DOMINATE (ex hip thrust vs squats)

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Shrink Your Thighs While Keeping Your Booty Workout

Cable Dead Lifts 3 sets x 10 reps  (set cable 1-2′ off ground. keep the knees slightly bent. Focus on tucking and squeezing your glutes at the top)

Cable Pull Though 3 sets x 10 reps ( keep knees slightly bent throughout the range of movement, shifting the weight from your hamstrings to your glutes)

Lateral Band Walk 3 sets x 10 reps per side ( step out to the side with your lead leg, then in a controlled manner bring your back leg in)

Banded Hip thrust 3 sets x 10 reps ( you can use dumbbells to hold band down)

Side Lying Band Abduction w/Bosu Ball 3 sets x 10 reps per side

Banded Squat 3 sets x 20-30 reps ( by just using the band for resistance and not adding weight, the thighs will not grow)

Banded Frog Squat w/Bosu Ball 3 sets x 12-15 reps (elevating these on a step up or Bosu Ball will target the glutes more)

Side lying Banded Hip Raise 3 sets x 12-15 reps per side ( you can hold band down with dumbbells)

Banded Curtsy Lunges w/ side leg raise 3 sets x 20-30 reps per side

Cardio ( split these two cardio exercises near the middle and end of the workout)

For Cardio we’re looking for fast pace agility movements to keep the heart rate up.

Toe taps w/Bosu Ball 3 sets of 12-15 reps

Lateral Shuffle Over Bosu Ball 3 sets of 20 reps pre side

Nutrition Strategy

The 3rd step is finding at eating pattern or strategy that is going to satisfy you.

Going on a calorie deficit means you’re going on an energy deficit as as well.

I Advice using intermittent fasting for this workout and diet setup.

This will make you meals larger and more enjoyable for long term sustainability.

Lets use a 140lb female who wants to drop to 130lb while using the workout above.

She would be consuming around 1,300 calories  daily to reach that target goal weight of 130lb.

Instead of eating 6 , 266 calorie meals, spit the 6 meals into 2 larger meals for the day.

This would play out as followed: fast in the morning, have 500 calories for lunch and 800 calories for dinner.

Having larger meals will give you more room to play with and allow for eating out with friends.

**It’s not about the size of the meal or timing that is important , it’s your daily calorie consumption that matters most.

Concluding Notes:

I recommended doing this workout two times a week on non consecutive days.

Take 30-45 sec breaks between sets and 1-2 min breaks between exercises.

If you already have a workout routine , you can swap out your lower body day for this workout.

If you’re just staring out and have naturally big thighs that you would like smaller, this workout will work for you as well.

Remember during a calorie deficit your energy is also in a deficit, do not try and work out 6-7 days a week.

Working out that much on a deficit will only cause hunger craving and stress on the body.

The Idea is to make this enjoyable while you build the body you desire.

Remember if you have gained too much size while building muscle you can always make minor tweaks in you workout to sclupt the body you want.

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