How to Break Through a Fat loss Plateau


Eat More For Fat loss

Fat loss is a stubborn thing, you will most likely Zig-Zag Your Way to Your Ideal Weight.

Losing body fat is normally a “3 steps forward and 2 steps back” process.

You will lose 6-8 pounds then gain back 3-5 then lose 6-8 more, etc.

If you don’t know this prior to dieting you may loose your mind.

When you have a few pounds on you & you’re dieting to 12-15% body fat, the fat loss game is smooth sailing.

You have plenty of disposable fat to work off and of course, your body-regulating hormones are in your favor as well.

Then, when you drop below this 12-15% body fat range, it becomes a little complicated.

You have less disposable fat, leptin levels are lower and honestly, being in a great calorie deficit becomes a little rougher.

The Power of Leptin

In layman terms, leptin plays a pivotal role in controlling your weight, letting you know when you’re full.

When working properly, leptin is responsible for telling your brain that you’re done eating because you have enough food in your stomach.

Essentially Leptin makes sure you don’t starve or overeat, but instead stay healthy and somewhere in the middle.

Often, after a long period of dieting leptin levels will drop. So what does this all mean?

What it means is you need leptin levels to be in order if you want to be or stay lean, think clearly, or be in a good mood.

Leptin Gone Awry

When Leptin levels have dropped, you experience an increase in appetite, and you don’t see quite as fast results as normal.

When you diet for long periods of time, you will eat less and less calories to keep losing fat.

As the calories get lower, your metabolic rate can drop as a response on lower hormonal levels.

When leptin levels are low, you’ll experience more hunger and your metabolism will become slower.

On top of hormonal imbalances your phycological life will be affected by having a miserable diet and that is something we want to avoid at all cost.

The whole point is to build your Ideal Physique while enjoying life.

Less is better?

Here’s what’s up: when your calories are plugged in accurately for a large calorie deficit and you start to notice problems

The last thing you want to do is reduce calories further or add on a bunch more training.

Doing this will only put the body under more stress, causing more issues.

I’m hungry and hate life!

Common symptoms will occur when your body has been at a calorie deficit for too long and leptin levels have plummeted.

Meals will not be satisfying as they once were

You will go to bed hungry and wake up hungry

Many times you will be too tired to train

You will hate life in general & fat loss will cease

More is Better?

Most individuals are scared of eating more when fat loss plateaus. They assume if they increase their calories, they will gain weight and all hell will break loose!

“All my precious fat loss efforts will be compromised!”

I know this feeling because I was one of these people.

I used to think the more miserable my diet was, and the more difficult it was to grind it out, the better the reward would be.

Now I always structure my eating habits before these symptoms occur.

A great strategy I apply to staying lean is upping my calories periodically to maintenance( 14-15 calories per pound of bodyweight) for 1 to 2 weeks.

This is when you need to “let go” and relax a minute.

Let your body chill and increase calories.

Stop Stressing

Fat loss takes a good amount of time and there’s no short cut.

One or two weeks of increased calories will not effect your body composition and it might even get you leaner than you were before.

Strangely enough many people experience a phenomenon known as the “whoosh effect” in the fitness community.

A theory that your fat cells hold onto water when dieting, building water retention in place of fat.

When you increase calories the carbohydrates can flush the water out, giving a leaner look called a “whoosh effect.”

The point is:

When you eat a deficit for too long your body’s energy expenditure will slow down, water retention can become a problem and leptin levels will drop.

More is the Answer!

Eating more can recover lean mass, your muscles will be ready to soak up the extra calories like a fat kid needs cake!

The muscles will fill up due to extra glycogen storage from carbohydrates, looking full and lean.

Potatoes, pasta, and breads will be your friends!

With the additional calories your body will rid itself of holding water.

Your weight may go down or it may increase, but if you’re eating around maintenance, you’re not going to be gaining body fat.

Let go and relax a minute, you can’t lose fat in one week, just like you can’t gain a lot of fat in one week.

After eating at maintenance yo will be primed for fat loss.

When you go back to low calories, you’ll lean up much faster than before!

Do You Want A Comprehensive sustainable & enjoyable Strategy for RAPID Fat Loss?

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angular muscle definition. The Ideal Physique

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