How To Activate & Grow A Great Butt

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Learning how to grow a great butt can be simple if you educate yourself first.

When it comes to training your glutes, one major factor is usually left out from the beginning of most programs.

Its almost like Women are setup for failure before the even start.

This article will be about that one key factor and how to utilize it.

My Bigger Stronger Glutes Workout is, focused around this key factor.

Some Girls, not all but a few have quad dominant legs and this can take away from their Butt potential.

Other woman just have trouble, growing their glutes all together.

We want to believe the majority of advise we hear and this is, when the term “Squat Booty” is, misguided.

When in reality workouts focused around squats are, killing your potential to grow a great butt!

The purpose of this article is to grow the glutes, and by employing many of the tips and tricks, you will be able to better isolate and work the glutes without too much interference from the quads.

Why the term ‘Squat Booty’ is Misguided

Aren’t squats the BEST for glute growth?

In my experience, no. Squats are an amazing compound exercise for building strength, core strength, back strength, that incorporates quads, hammies
and some glutes.

It’s a perfect exercise for someone focusing on overall growth and strength.

The problem is that many people will experience more quad growth versus glute growth.

Additionally, some women have experienced a thicker core due to bracing against the load.

With squats, the legs tend to take over the movement and hypertrophy before the glutes get a
chance to engage.

The problem isn’t necessarily that the quads are too muscular, but rather the glutes are, undertrained and weak.

This brings me to the KEY FACTOR and the biggest problem woman STRUGGLE at, attempting to grow a great butt.

The Key to Growing A Great Butt Is Glute Activation Techniques

While genetics do play a role in a round derrière, even the flattest booties can be transformed.

Sure progressive over load, under tension methods and muscle-building super-sets are important.

The honest truth is none of that matters if your cant properly activate the glutes for growth.

It all starts with learning how to properly activate your glutes.

When we stand or walk, we are actually using our quads.

So our glutes remain dormant and to “wake” them up, we must learn how to properly engage them.

Start connecting your mind to the muscle engagement.

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Mind to Muscle Connection For Booty Growth

Try this right now: squeeze your glutes really hard. What happens?

If nothing much happens, you want to begin to squeeze your glutes more often.

As you begin to make this connection, try adding a band above your knees and perform seated banded abductions.

Concentrate on the muscle doing the work (the abductors on the outsides of your glutes).

Do this often and really focus, rather than just speeding through the movements.

This mind to muscle connection goes for ALL the workouts and exercises.

To get the most out of any strength-building workout, you must make that mind to muscle connection first.

When you make this connection we need to start properly engaging the glutes.

How to Properly Engage Glutes During Exercises

Before adding weight to any glute exercises the mind to muscle connection is crucial and must be, mastered. 

This is how my Bigger Stronger Glutes workout here is, designed for the warm up activation sets.

My at home and traveling workout is specifically, focused on activating the glutes as well.

To start, you want to perform eccentric movements that will cause the lengthening of the glutes and hamstrings.

Perform movements like the Romanian deadlift to feel the lengthening in the glutes and hamstrings.

Go slow through these movements and even add a pause to fully feel the stretch.

Mastering this hip hinge motion is also essential for exercises that engage the glutes in the contracted position.

Exercises like hip thrusts and glute bridges are examples of how to engage glutes in the contracted position.

Remember Activation is key for these bigger Exercises to work.

Activate Your Glutes Daily

I recommend incorporating various stretches, body weight, and banded exercises daily.

Just working on hip mobility and glute activation will enhance your mind to muscle connection and prevent soreness and tension.

Stretches to Activate the glutes (video tutorials)

unlocking glutes

I highly recommend the following stretches/exercises to be performed daily to keep your hips loose and your glutes active and engaged.

You can choose a few different ones to perform even on non-leg training days. We utilize our legs every single day to get around, so it’s important to keep them loose to prevent injury.

Try These stretches  daily to help unlock your hips and activate your glutes.

This will teach your body and mind how to grow a great butt.

You will need a program with the correct rep ranges, designed around progressive overload for growth.

My Bigger Stronger Glutes Workout is a great start.

Of course your nutrition needs to be dialed in as well.

A calorie surplus is needed for Glute Growth.

If your are looking for a complete fast track system, take a look at my premium course Athena Sculpting. 

My goal is to assist you in getting into the body of your dreams and to instill knowledge and personal anecdotes to encourage and motivate you to
never give up on yourself.

In the end, if I can help other people find the beauty and strength within themselves, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

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