How Short Workouts = Better Results

How To Make Short Workouts More Effective For Busy Professionals .

  • Short on time?
  • Workouts lacking Intensity?
  • Feel like you’ll never get the body you want?

A lot of this comes down to exercising smarter, not harder, or for longer periods of time.

For anyone who is busy during the week, you’re probably also stressed. And if you’re stressed, lots of working out on top of that stress will tend to make you feel worse, not better.

Sure, exercise can be a stress reliever, but too much can just pile on to the stress you already have.

What about all the fuzz about which diet is best?!?

We tend to look for the quick fix diet when living a busy life.

This Quick Fix diet search usually consist of cutting out food groups like carbs or we read that is best to stick only to “Clean Foods”.

Health Articles are always telling us to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day and demonizing certain foods like sugar or Alcohol.

When our lives demand us in multiply places throughout the day and week, rarely do we have time to be obsessing over multiple meals.

So what’s the solution?

➡️ Short, 30-45- minute high intensity workouts, 2-3 days per week and a diet that is flexible. That’s it.

So how can you get stronger, more muscular, and leaner with a handful of 30-45minute workouts with a diet optimized for your busy lifestyle?

A Few Ideas for How Short Workouts = Better Results:

  • Reduce workouts to just 2-3 times per week.
  • Use 1-2 primary compound lifts for tracking progressive overload each week.
  • Utilize Reverse Pyramid Training
  • Supersets
  • Shorter Rest Periods
  • HIIT Cardio

2-3 workouts per week:

When your workouts are short they need to be efficient. Short workouts need to have high intensity with just 4-5 exercises. This is because we’re working in a short time frame, so we need to take advantage all we can.  This can be Incorporated with key compound lifts for key muscle groups, creating the strongest visual impact. Your secondary exercises would be more isolation work (ex. dumbbell biceps or lateral raises).

1-2 compound lifts: 

Your short workout should be centered around 1-2 compound lifts. This is a movement that is going to be working multiple muscle groups at one time. (hence efficient) You should be using progressive overload for these compound lifts. This is whats going to break down your body and rebuild it with your short workout.

Reverse Pyramid Training

The style of training is very effective and efficient. You will be working in a rep range between 6-12, insuring progress in strength and max muscle growth.  You will be working your first set at your highest level of intensity, followed by 10% reductions for your next two sets. (ex.First Set: 6 reps x max weight you can lift. Second Set: 8 reps x max weight you can lift. Third Set: 8 reps x max weight you can lift. 10% reduction each set)

A superset:

is a series of 2-3 exercises back to back with minimal rest in between sets. You’ll typically do movements targeted opposing muscle groups such as rows and bench presses. But you can also do movements that work the same muscle groups, such as a dumbbell incline bench press, followed by a dumbbell flat bench press. Either way, supersets are super effective and they won’t take up all your time.

Shorten rest periods:

on your primary lifts. let’s say you’re doing squats, and you do 4-5 sets with 3 minutes rest between sets. This alone will take you at least 15-20 minutes to complete. So you could lower the rest periods to 1 minute. sure, you’re not going to be as strong for every set, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you make improvements from workout to workout — meaning you add weight, or add reps over time.

HIIT Cardio: 

This form of cardio is great for a short workout. In just a short period of time you can release free fatty acids into the bloodstream. If you follow these intense efforts with slow cardio, you can easily burn a lot of this fat.

Now, if you don’t know where to start to finally “crack the code”, get lean, and live a healthy lifestyle… here’s where you can start.

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A few Ideas for Diet and Busy Professionals

  • Reduce meals down 2-3 per day
  • Skip breakfast and use the extra time for productivity
  • Stick to an 80/20 Rule
  • If it fits your macors for traviling and on the go
  • Focus more on overall calorie intake and hitting daily macros

2-3 Meals Per day for a fit body:

When you reduce your meals down to just 2-3 meals a day this allows for more time and bigger tasty meals. Time for your lifestyle and closing deals. Listen guys when you’re focused on closing a deal , the last thing you want to be thinking about is your 300 calorie broccoli and rice snack. Instead close that deal and then have a big tasty rewarding meal afterwards. Don’t stress over meal timing, and worry about bigger things.

Skipping breakfast for a sexy fit body:

Contrary to popular believe skipping breakfast is not going to kill you nor is it going to hinder your health. Use this time to burn fat while you get a head of your day. Others will be taking down salty , fatty and sugary breakfast treats at the office, while you’re slamming away with clients.  Taking your body out of a feed state for certain periods of the day is a great tool for fat loss. ( ex. intermittent fasting)

The 80/20 diet rule: This is simply eating 80 percent whole foods while enjoy 20% pleasure foods. You see while clean eating  has demonized certain foods, the reality is food is energy and a burger can add up to the same amount of calories as grilled chicken with potatoes, depending on cooking methods and sauces.  We live crazy lives , so if you’re in the airport have the burger and fries. Have a Drink or Two with clients. The important this is to be responsible and stick to the rule.

Overall Calorie intake is number 1:

None of this works or matters if your overall calorie intake is not addressed. I don’t care if you cut our carbs, go on the latest juice diets. Your overall calorie intake is what determines weight loss or weight gain. Apply the rules above for a flexible lifestyle and utilize then either for fat loss or lean muscle mass growth.

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” ~ Bruce Lee

A busy Professionals Resistance Training Workout

First you will want to set your maintenance calories and then adjust into a calorie deficit or Calories surplus, depending on your goal.

Next you will want to put together a resistance training program specifically designed for being short yet efficient.

Busy Professionals Minimal RPT(reverse pyramid training) workout

  • Mon: Workout A – Half the Body Resistance Training
  • Tue: Walk 45-60 Minutes
  • Wed: Workout B – Other Half Resistance Training
  • Thu: Walk 45-60 Minutes
  • Fri: Workout A – Half the Body Resistance Training
  • Sat: Walk 45-60 Minutes
  • Sun: Walk 45-60 Minutes

Exercise Selection: Choose 4-5 exercises for Workout A and 4-5 exercises for Workout B.  Your goal will be to work the whole body by the time you go through both workouts.

workout A Incline Press, Standing Press, Skull Crusher, Lateral Raise, and Hanging Leg Raise.

Workout B: Weighted Chin Up, Hang Cleans, Barbell Curl, Bulgarian Split Squat, and Standing Calf Raise.

3 working sets per exerciser with a rep count between 6-12. 1 set  being the heaviest and followed by 2 more sets, reducing the weight by 10% for each set.

Example of working set

 Incline Bench Press

  • Warm-up: 2-5 sets at 40-67% of your first set x 3-6
  • Goal 6
  • sets drops: 10%
    • 1: 200 x 4-6
    • 2:180 x 6-8
    • 3: 162 x 8-12

Track your progress

Your primary focus during your workouts is going to be building or maintaining strength.

This means you will need to track exactly your weight and rep count from week to week.

For fat loss as your weight goes down you will want your strength to remain up as much as possible.

For Muscle gain as your weight goes up so should the weight on the bar.

If done correctly you can sometimes even build strength during a fat loss phase , newbies almost always do.

If you want an aggressive fat loss plan check out my rapid fat loss course here.

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A Busy Life can be a Drag for Building Muscle

We all have our daily schedules and busy routines.

This can make working out an building an amazing body difficult.

I have overcome many of my clients crazy schedules and built them the body of their dreams.

When you understand the basic principles of burning fat and building muscle, endless gym sessions are not necessary.

Most of us are not trying to compete and build bodies over the top.

Instead most are looking to build a body that is respected and practical, while enjoying their lives.

Of course this does not mean you have to settle for a mediocre body by any means.

With me teachings and techniques applied you can build an incredible physique while still juggling your busy professional life.

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