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True Will Aesthetics is all about hacking the code to an amazing aesthetic body in balance.

The idea is to build well developed muscle definition: while maintaining a certain level of leanness.

At some point trying to create more mass becomes too unpractical and looks awkward.

Going to extreme on size or too low in body fat will no longer have the same sex appeal as a Aesthetic Body in Balance.

Building Ideal Body Proportions is not about going to the extreme.

In fact this is the exact opposite of True Will Aesthetics lifestyle.

True Will Aesthetics in not about having extreme physique measures , demanding a lifestyle centered around diet and exercise.

It’s quite the  contrary, we have a minimalist approach on health and fitness while building an amazing body.

We’re not trying to look like we live in the gym and eat 6 to 7 times a day to to build mass.

In fact when you stop trying so hard and worrying about every little piece of the bodybuilding puzzle, the pieces will fall into place themselves.

It wasn’t until I simplified to a 3 day workout routine, simplified my diet and started living a social lifestyle again that I noticed real results without the struggle.

At the end of the day, fitness should enhance your life, not consume your life!

I noticed big screen actors had the right look.

Big Screen Hollywood Actors as Fitness Influencers.

Hollywood has masted Hacking The Code to an Aesthetic Body in Balance.

I love to use big screen name actors as examples because they understand The Ideal Physique.

Hollywood always focuses on a body that is lean and fit with ideal muscle proportions.

In other words a functional physique, their bodies are sexy and practical.

Unless it’s a “cheesy” full blown action packed movie, rarely do these actors focus on huge, ripped, and vascular muscle definition.

They realize this is a Cheesy look and most people do not relate to it or take it seriously.

Instead they keep the muscle development balanced  just enough to still look great in stylish clothing, while demanding admiration when they show their bodies.

true will aesthetic body

Take a look at Chris Pratt from Guardians of The Galaxy and John Kolsowsking from Jack Ryan.

(Chris Pratt-Guardians of the Galaxy)

jack ryan john krasinski body

(John krasinski-Jack Ryan)

These actors have one thing in common when it comes to building their physiques.

They both learned the art of Hacking The Code to an Aesthetic Body in Balance.

Of course they could have put on more muscle mass mass for both action hero roles but what for?

Hollywood actors know that this is a level of physique that is ideal!

It’s sexy and allows them to star in multiple movie roles.

This is what most people find attractive and can relate to.

It is not an over the top level of physique that is going to look awkward.

This is a body True Will Aesthetics is all about.

Most women consider these two bodies to be outstanding and at this level of physique you can have a balanced lifestyle outside the gym as well.

There is no need to be obsessed with the gym and your diet 24/7.

You have the ideal body , people love the look , clothes fit amazingly and you’re out in the world living your life!

So whats it mean to have a gone past this ideal look.

Check out John Cena from the movie Cock Blockers for example.

(John Cena-Cock Blockers)

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Now don’t get me wrong , I love me some John Cena here and there.

But like I said here and there, In small doses.

They guy has by no doubt worked his ass off, becoming famous from being incredibly jacked.

Even so the fact remains that his level of physique is unpractical and considered cheesy, Hence all his cheesy movie roles.

His huge physique has limited his potential as actor to get a variety of movie roles.

If you build this level of muscle development you well undoubtedly look cheesy in stylish clothing.

Not only will it be an over the top look but in order to get this big you will have to have a lifestyle revolving around the gym, diet  and most likely steroid use.

But to some this is a desired lifestyle but not one I find for most people, looking to build an Aesthetic body.

I believe there should be a proper balance between health and fitness , while still letting go and enjoying yourself from time to time.

This is more important than slaving away 24/7 in the gym and being overly obsessed with food to build Maximum Muscle.

This philosophy is covered extensively in True Will Aesthetics program Alpha Gains.

Working on Ideal Body Proportions

The objective here at True Will Aesthetics is Ideal Body proportions.

This means one muscle group should not out balance another one.

The goal is Hacking The Code to a Aesthetic Body in Balance

Lets talk about some mistakes that can hinder the balance to an aesthetic body.

Targeting of the traps- direct targeting of the traps with shrugs for example is unnecessary, when you’re performing a key lift like dead lifts.  A powerful dead lift routine will build the traps up nicely without the need for direct isolation work. When the Traps become over developed it can cause a meathead look and actually make the shoulders appear less broad, which is devastating for a well balanced physique.

Neglecting Shoulder work-One of the keys to an aesthetic physique is broad boulder like shoulders.  A key lift like standing military press should be utilized with a proper strength progression plan in order to grow them.

Ignoring Incline bench press-most people do not take incline press as seriously as flat barbell bench press. this is due to the simple fact incline bench press is harder. The reality in when it comes to chest development, incline press should be your main focus key lift! another major key to an aesthetic physique is a strong big upper chest.

Building up legs too much-I know I will catch a lot of heat for this , but to be 100% honest giant quads and hamstrings can be overpowering for a balanced physique. this will cause all your pants to look like stuffed sausages and take the attention away from out upper body. Now I’m not saying one should neglect legs totally. Well defined strong agile legs are what makes a well balanced aesthetic physique.  The muscles in the legs that should be focused on for and athletic agile look are the calves and vastus medialus, located in the lower quad, creating the impressive teardrop just above the knee.

Obtaining an Aesthetic body in Balance

Gaining this level of fitness is not as complicated as one might think.

I follow a simplified lifting workout centered around key lifts 3 time a week.

My diet allows me to eat giant tasty meals made possible by utilizing a simplified intermittent fasting method, allowing flexibility in my food choices .

I take a very minimalist approach when it comes to fitness , there is no need to worry about over complicating things when you focus on what works.

You will be amazed at how fast your progress will accelerate when you take on this approach

The combination of the workout routine and flexible diet strategy is very successful for building an amazing body.

The biggest key is keep fat levels low so you can focus on building up your relative strength.

This is simply because relative strength is the cornerstone to Aesthetics.

It is your bodies ability to function as an athletic individual in relation to your own weight.

Building up relative strength can be challenging and takes time, especially for beginners

Beginning Stages of Relative Strength

Once you reach a level of leanness, building up relative strength is your number one priority.

This can be difficult at first, especially for beginners.

Lets talk about weighted chin ups for example.

At first the idea of doing chin ups my seem intimidating, let along wrapping a 45lb plate to you while you pull yourself up.

I have talked about it before and tracking progress is extremely important just like tracking your diet.

One may not even be able to do one single pull up at their beginning stages of resistance training.

This is completely okay and you should not let it get you down.

Here is what you would do to progress up to a respected level of relative strength.

  • First Use an assisted pull up machine and gradually lighten the load as you get better. ( if your gym does not have this you can purchase workout bands to assist your chin up. As you get better lose one band and so on )
  • Next when you have worked up a decent level of assisted chin ups ( example 15 assisted chin ups with assistants at it’s lowest) move on to body weight pull ups. Starting out you might only be able to do two to three body weight chin ups. (each workout strive to get another pull up even if its just one more from last time)
  • Thirdly When you have worked your way up to 15 body weight chin ups you’re ready to start adding plates with a belt. The strategy remains the same, start with a low weight (example 5lbs)  and add weight week to week.

They’re 3 key factors to developing Relative Strength 

  1. Start with body weight
  2. Track your results
  3. Progress week to week

The Same strategy can be applied with other Training movements as well , for example Pistol squats and dips.

Final thoughts

With the applied knowledge you can now start building that body you have admired while watching your favorite actor on the big screen.

A little unsure what routine and diet to start following right now?

Check my 3 part series on The guide to you Goal Physique

For complete and detailed guide on building strength and flexible dieting for a physique tailored to your goals: Check out True Will Programs .

Please leave a comment below on what an aesthetic physique is to you and what you believe it takes to achieve it.  Let me know if this artivle heleped you understand what it takes to build a good looking lean and fit body.

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