alcohol and fitness

When it comes to Alcohol, health and fitness there are a few approaches that can be taken.

I have broken these different styles down into 4 types.

  1. The Class Act Guide 
  2. The Binger’s Guide 
  3. The Daycap Guide 
  4. The Weekender Guide

In this post I want to discuss The True Will Aesthetics official style of drinking and building an amazing body.

I call this lifestyle of drinking and fitness The Class Act, and this is part 1 of a 4 part series.

The Class Act is about being able to go out, look stylish and enjoy drinks in moderation.

This style of drinking is a form of art that can take practice and skill.

Let’s discuss how to DRINK ALCOHOL, BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE.

Most of us like to go out and have a social life.

At the same time most of us want to look good at the same time.

So what is the point in working so hard to stay in shape if you can’t enjoy the perks in life?

Ironically enough most fitness enthusiastic love to have drinks and attend social events.

People are typically in awe of their physical condition while they consume their alcohol beverage and smile.

I want to discuss the other group of people, the individuals who who wake up the next morning feeling guilty for having fun and drinking a few on a night out.

The goal for True Will Aesthetics is for you to experience the best moments in life while achieving your fitness goals.

Putting your Social Life on Hold

Getting in great shape is totally worth it, but it’s not all that matters in life.
Having a night out and socializing does not have to be put on hold until you reach your goal, that idea is close-minded and it will only discourage you in the end.
This has the power of leading to an obsession with your fitness and nutrition.
Your fitness goals and diet will actually start controlling you and it should be the other way around.
Motivation will fade and you will inevitably be tapped out!

The More you Worry the More Likely you’re to Tap Out

true will aesthetics

I have said it before, over complicating things tend to make situations worse and slow down results.

This applies for your workouts, health goals , and social drinking as well.

The focus should be about blending your fitness goals and life together for a balanced lifestyle.

This is much more simple and natural flowing way to approach your health goals.

This is not only enjoyable but creates a rewarding system for you as well.

So without further ado, get out there and have some drinks with friends a couple times per week.
Letting go, having a great time and showing off the progress you made that week will only fuel your motivation.
No longer do you need to consider the two as separates.
You do not have to be pulled back an fourth between the dessert and your six pack or getting in shape and a night out!
Alcohol, in no way, has to hinder your progress.

The Truth About Alcohol

Lets talk about alcohol TRUTH..


  1. Drinking in moderation is not unhealthy

    It has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. People who drink in moderation have also been shown to live longer than non-drinkers.  Consumption of alcohol in moderation has been shown to aid in  Alzheimer’s disease and common forms of cancers as well. The health benefits of alcohol consumption in moderation can go on and on, its odd we should feel guilty for it.

  2. Moderate drinking will not hinder muscle development 

    There have been studies in the past which show excessive drinking impairs muscle growth and recovery. The key is the word “excessive”. Though moderate drinking has been shown to be okay and does not impair over-load induced muscles as research shows here. When it comes to recovery moderate alcohol has been shown not to effect muscle repair. So hit the gym Friday and enjoy a drink with your dinner that night. The significant negative issues occur when drinking 5-6 alcoholic beverages or more as shown on a study of Athletes here.

  3. After about 3-4 drinks alcohols physiological returns start to diminish 

    We all know the feeling of being buzzed, light headed and a sense of euphoria, followed by relaxation and joyfulness.  Some research had even shown moderate consumption of alcohol can help with memory and cognitive thinking.   As a general rule, one drink or less per 40-50 pounds of body weight is around the moderate level. This is over the course of a night (3-4 hours), and not to be consumed rapidly. Practice Self discipline, lets be honest where does blacking out get us in life?

  4. There is only one way to get fat consuming Alcohol, a Calorie Surplus 

    This is just how the body works and it called the law of thermodynamics. so as long as you’re burning more calories than you consume or breaking even you will not gain weight. This can be tricky and picking the correct drinks can help. Obviously Its going to be a lot harder to make room in your calories for 8 to 10 beers over the course of the night.

  5. Alcohol is not stored as fat

    When you drink an alcoholic beverage, the body gives priority to burning the ethanol in those drinks. Alcohol isn’t stored as fat. Alcohol is a toxin and the body puts the breaks on everything else until the byproduct acetate, from Alcohol is metabolized. This means it stops fat and carbohydrate oxidation and leads to fat gain indirectly. If alcohol is burned for fuel, any surplus dietary fat will be stored. In other words alcohol/acetate alone cannot cause fat gain by alone. It’s all the garbage people eat during alcohol consumption that causes fat gain.

  6. The negative effects of alcohol on testosterone are extremely over exaggerated 

    Research has show that just a few drinks a day will not lower testosterone by much. Here 10 men drank 40 to 40 grams of Alcohol day for 3 weeks and testosterone levels only reduced by 7%. Post workout moderate alcohol consumption also has little impact on testosterone levels as well. In this study 9 men consumed 60-70 grams after their workout, ZERO effects on testosterone levels occurred. Unless high levels of alcohol consumption or prolonged and daily consumption is high, there is little effect.

The True Will Guide to Drinking (The Class Act)

alcohol and fitness

This first guide is the one I highly recommend and is the most responsible approach for drinking and reaching your health physique goals.

This is the official guide for True Will Aesthetics and stands for everything True Will  Aesthetics Preaches.

Its about having a Healthy body , healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.

Looking stylish, enjoying life; while maintaining The Class Act persona.

Quit Doing It The Hard Way. Here’s How To Finally Get Lean And Build Your Best Body Ever:

Tired of trying to “figure it all out”? Struggling to Put together a workout plan that actually works? Use this exact guide for more effective fat loss  efforts & lean muscle gains, and see results in just 8 weeks.

Save Calories for Drinks

I know some will say cut out fat and carb intake to make room for calories.

I do not believe you should cut out these foods completely, how enjoyable is a night out when all you can eat is meat and veggies?

A better approach is is to follow the intermittent fasting guide here and eat two meals.

Reduce fats and carbs from the 1st meal and enjoy majority  of fats and carbs when you go out for drinks.

Do not forget as long as you’re burning more calories than you consume you will not experience any fat gain while drinking.

The calories you saved from reducing carbs and fats from your first meal, typically around 500 can be used for drinks.

Drink low calorie beverages

Some of my favorite choices for low carb and calorie drinks are dry wines.

Another great option is my go to drink , The Gin Ricky( club soda. gin , with a squeezed lime)

Some other great choices are cognac, whiskey , tequila , or vodka.  ( these are best mixed with club soda and lime wedges)

The idea is to stay away from the sweeter drinks.

If beer is your go to beverage just remember you will need to make more room for beer, considering the calorie count is much higher for beer.

I love trying new beers, so I typically save my beer intake for dinners and just have one a couple times a week.

When I go out for drinks with friends is when I have the lower calorie beverages.

Have self-discipline

This is crucial to success not only in drinking but many other aspects in life.

Scatter your 3-4 drinks thought the course of the night.

Drink them slow and enjoy the conversations, music, and dancing all around you.

These end up being much better nights than embarrassing yourself from excessive drinking.

By drinking moderately you’re able to wake up feeling ready to take on the next day.

The problems start to occur when you rely on alcohol as a crutch.

For most people this crutch is a confidence booster or what some call “liquid courage”.

It takes skill and practices to go out and socialize without the use of using alcohol as a social anxiety aid.

We all care what people think about us to a certain degree.

The goal is to become confident with your self and this requires drinking in moderation.

You need to be able to listen to people and hold intellectual conversations.

They’re other reasons people over over drink as well.

For instance work can be stressful  or they simply just had a tough day.

You have to learn to control these alternative motives for drinking and channel more of your energy in a positive direction.

Stop and look at your problems head on and ask yourself is it worth being upset or stressed about?

Most people don’t acknowledge their problems as an outside entity but rather carry on mindlessly like their emotional problems define them.

When you start confronting your emotional issues at hand face on you can asses their level of impact and defuse them before they influence your actions.

Your emotions do not define you , you have the ability to decide when and how walk away from them.

This will allow you to let go of these negative emotions before you go out, allowing you to live in the present moment and have an amazing evening.

You will be clear minded, ready to have a great conversation with a new friend or date.

Avoid Late night eating

This is is crucial to your success, if your do not want fat gain while drinking.

As discussed earlier it is the garbage everyone likes to eat while drinking.

This typically is fast food and IHOP, considering they’re not many options open after a late night of drinking.

Its not the 700 calories of drinks that is going to make you fat , it is the 700 extra calories you consume of food after the drinks.

If you’re a person who has to eat after drinks then plan for it and make room.

This guide can be used for fat loss or while on a bulk,

Just adjust your calories for whatever your particular goal is at the time.

Make sure to leave room for the drinks and not go over the target by too much, nobody is perfect!

alcohol and fitness

Concluding Thoughts:

My goal is to give you the advice and tools needed to let loose and enjoy yourself while achieving your health goals.

Learn to have self discipline and know when to stop.

Spread your 3-4 drinks thought out the course of the night and learn how to properly listen and have actual conversations with individuals.

Hold your composure and confidence tell the very end of the night and see a date through tell the end.

Meet people and leave them with a positive impact about your self.

My personal advice on the whole drinking and fitness dogma is. Exercise moderation with drinking and start intermittent fasting for best results.

Learn how to MASTER the art of The Class Act.

With that said I know there are people how want to drink more.

Now, no question about it, some individuals are going to want to test their limits.

These are typically the younger ones , the “young bloods”.

I have been there and I would be lying to you if I said I haven’t done my fair share of drinking well into the night.

This next guide will be a little on the controversial side and the opposite of The Class Act persona but none the less it works!

Part 2 will be Fitness and Alcohol: The Binger’s Guide 

Alcohol and Fitness Guide Series

For a complete guide on building a lean and fit body with flexible dieting , allowing drinking in moderation: check out True Will Programs

Don’t forget to drop a comment, share your thoughts.  Do you have a drinking style ?

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