Getting into Shape 

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I want to get in shape” then you must have had some picture in your head of what that “shape” is supposed to be.

You might be able to describe it in some abstract terms like, “I’d like to lose some weight”, or “I’d like to put on some muscle” or “I want to look like ”.

Unfortunately, simply wanting to look better doesn’t give you much of a direction or road map to follow.

For example, in order for you to get in shape you may have determined that you need to lose some weight…but how much weight is enough to get the look you want?

You may have also determined that you need to add some serious muscle mass to your frame. But how much muscle do you need to build? How much muscle CAN you build? What muscles do you want to build?

Do you just want giant legs, or do you want balanced proportioned mass all over your body?

When you look at it from this perspective, setting a simple goal of ‘getting in shape’ doesn’t really seem to cut it anymore.

The goal has to be more specific, and that is what this concept is all about, getting into a specific shape.

Suppose you wanted to do both of these things (build muscle and lose fat). How would you know where to start with a workout and diet program, and even more importantly how would you know when you’ve reached the right size?

Is 10 pounds of weight loss enough? Is 20 pounds? How do you measure fat loss and muscle gain at the same time? All of these important questions are essentially ignored in mainstream fitness advice.

Building a Perfect Male Body

A slim waist, thick shoulders and upper back muscles, masculine square chest, well developed arms and athletic legs.

Even with these crucial ratios, there is still room for different builds.

I have broken these builds into three different classifications, based off  level of muscle growth obtained.

With a proper strength-building program and a strategic custom nutrition plan, anyone can archive these levels of physiques.

Building these bodies is not just about getting huge as fast as possible; it’s about looking lean all year while focusing on developing ideal body proportions. 

Let’s take a look at each class individually so you can identify exactly what physique you want to build:

Phase 1:Omega Shreds Physique- The Models Body

“The Rigid Core”

  • Very lean and defined agile look
  • Serrated Abs
  • vascular
  • Hard muscles
  • Appears slim in clothing
  • 6-8% bodyfat

Examples are Jake Gyllenhaal in South Paw, Cam Gigandet in Never Back Down, Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond The Pines,  Ryan Kwanten in True Blood, & Brad Pit in Fight Club 

Omega Shreds Rigid Core Physique demands low body fat levels with a solid base of muscle development. You will look slim in clothing but make a statement that demands respect and admiration when your shirt comes off.

Building a Rigid Core is a great setup for moving on and building additional muscle.

When your body fat is at low with solid base level of muscle development , you’re primed perfectly for a anabolic  state.

The is a great set up for transitioning in the final stage called Alpha Gains 

Level 3: Alpha Gains Physique

“The X Build”

  • Large & Full Muscle Definition
  • Wide back & Upper Chest
  • Strong Legs
  • Great Abs
  • Resembling your favorite action heroes
  • 8-9% body fat

Examples are Jason Momoa from Hercules, Joe Manganiello from True Blood series, Chris Hemsworth  from ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, Tom Hardy from Warrior, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men. 

The Alpha Gains Physique is close to The Golden Cut Physique, with additional focus on the legs and about 6-8 more lbs of lean muscle mass on KEY areas.

The added little muscle can make a huge Visual impact and this is achieved with Increased Target Volume Training on specific muscle groups.

This Style of training will give your muscles a much fuller look , pulling the skin tightly around your muscles.

This will give the skin a “Shrink Wrap Effect” known in the fitness community, making your muscles POP!

How To Achieve The look?

At this point you probably have a idea of which body type you want reach.

The first part all depends on your current physical conditions.

If a guy is skinny and he is differently not going to be approaching this journey the same way as another guy weighing in at 200lbs.

One guy is going to have to add weight to his frame while the other has to loose weight in order for them to reach the same end goal.

The Different builds most guys fall into are about 5 categories .

to be continued…

In Part 2 (found here) we will dive into the 5 individual body types most guys start at when jumping into their fitness journey.

For a Comprehensive program for each of these body types check out True Will Programs

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