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Great felxibility will help your overall performance in the gym as well as your daily life out side of the gym.

Having great flexibility and mobility is typically a major gap in most people’s fitness rotuines.

Often both men and women never can seem to find the time for proper stretching and flexibility rotuines.

Though I find this to me more common for men, as time goes on.

Most guys are too worried about their max bench press rather than than their overall daily health and bodies natural functionality.

When a proper flexible routine is implemented into your strength regimen, your overall power will increase as well.

Full range of motion in your lifts will be greater due to the simple fact of opening up tight muscles.

The greater the full range of motion in your lifts the better the your form, strength and muscle gains.

Increased flexibility with great form is excellent for injury prevention as well.

Looking good naked…

It’s a funny thing , we live in a society where we will do anything to look great naked.

Many people will take one step closer to looking great while not realizing they’re taking two steps backwards to feeling great!

It’s like driving around your favorite performance car but never taking the time to have it properly serviced.

Without a doubt, that car will eventually break down on the side of the road.

This same problem is happening time and time again for people in the gym after long periods of strength training.

While they’re walking around In their amazing bodies something is typically holding them back from further advancement.

Sore shoulder pain , tight chest or they can barley touch their own toes.

These tight muscles and lack of mobility and flexibility will hinder your results and strength advancements.

That is why we are here today.

Today I’m going to show you a daily full body flexibility routine you can do to enhance your strength, speed, power, flexibility, endurance and energy while healing your old injuries and protecting you from new ones.


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Daily Full Body Flexibility Routine

Complete each movement back to back . The full routine should take about 15 min to complete.


  1. Neck side flexion ( 30 sec hold per side)
  2. Shoulder extension reaches ( 30 sec hold)
  3. Child pose ( 20 sec hold)
  4. A Child pose side to sides ( 5 reps)
  5. twisted cross over ( 30 sec hold per side)
  6. McKenzie push up ( 5 reps )
  7. Double knee to chest ( 20 sec hold )
  8. Side knee drops ( 5 reps per side )
  9. Cross body glute pull ( 30 sec hold)
  10. Hip swivles ( 5 reps per side )
  11. Squat to Pike ( 5 reps plus 10 sec hold)
  12. Low lunge left leg ( 30 sec hold )
  13. Lunge with twist left leg ( 30 sec hold )
  14. Frog pose rocks ( 30 sec hold )
  15. Low lunge right leg ( 30 sec hold )
  16. Lunge with twist right leg (30 sec hold )
  17. Frog pose rocks ( 30 sec hold )
  18. Squat (30 sec hold )


You may not be able to perform all movements with perfect form or be able to hold that long.  That is okay aim to get better each time you complete the full body flexibility routine.

Try to hold a stretch 10 seconds longer or work on getting the stretch just a little deeper each time. With time you will be able to complete the routine with ease.

Concluding thoughts:

There’s a great feeling in learning and feeling the freedom that comes with the skills to just move better.

Your body just feels amazing all the time because you’re operating to your full range of motion. You’re also reversing the poor posture associated with living the corporate desk life.

You’re able to get up without pain, move without pain, lift without pain and just live life at a greater degree.

Once you apply a daily full body flexibility routine, your body will start to feel a freedom of movement that will open the doors for advancement with your health and fitness goals.

Take this time to build your mind…

I find routines like this calming and a great time to build the mind.

Try listening to audiobooks during this time, clear your mind and really take in the moment.

Take advantage of this moment to learn something new, fitness is first about building a mindset then your body.

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