Muscle Building Dessert

What If I told you it was possible to lose fat and build lean muscle mass, eating dessert everyday!

I am guessing You most likely would call that crazy.

Most of us have a sweet tooth and get the sudden urge to want to order that dessert from the menu.

The problem is most these desserts are high in fat , low in protein , and high in carbs.

Not the best macros for building a great body!

Well the thing is with this dessert, building lean muscle mass and losing fat is possible .

Let me explain..

The Yogurt Bowl

I am talking about Greek yogurt to be specific.

Greek yogurt comes in a variety of flavors and is very macro friendly.

The toppings are endless for a variety of flavors and macro target goals!

Not to mention, Greek yogurt has the power of muscle building growth!

The power of Yogurt


Just like meat, Greek yogurt has all the essential amino acids necessary to support muscle growth.

Greek yogurt is more concentrated than regular yogurt , making the protein count higher.

So guess what? This makes Greek yogurt a great source of protein- 1 cup gets you about 20 grams per serving.

Amino acids found in Greek yogurt:

  • methionine
  • lysine
  • isoleucine
  • histidine
  • valine
  • tryptophan
  • threonine
  • phenylalanine
  • leucine

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The magical amino acid starring in Greek yogurt is Leucine.

Leucine stimulates protein synthesis to build muscle

If the goal is building muscle or preventing muscle loss, stimulating protein synthesis is absolutely key.

Exercising and breaking down the muscle tissues stimulates amino acids within the body through protein synthesis to repair the muscles.

As we eat protein sources, amino acids from these foods are shuttled to our muscle tissue, replacing any muscle protein losses.

The Point is: the primary function of muscle protein synthesis is to help repair and build new muscle tissue.

leucine is the driving force behind the ability of dietary protein to stimulate protein synthesis.

One of the primary functions of Leucine is to help preserve lean tissue.

This is vital to successful weight loss.

Leucine works directly to prevent muscle loss during weight loss.

When following a high protein diet high in Leucine, therefore, the majority of weight you lose is fat, not muscle.

Its important to note here:

Lots of individuals lose muscle when they lose weight.

This is not ideal because it causes problems in the long run.

Yes, doing high cardio routines and cutting caloires significantly will cause a quick weight loss.

But it comes at a significant cost

The thing is, losing muscle slows down your metabolism so it’s likely that you will gain back that weight very quickly.

This is why so many people yo-yo diet when they lose weight.

Instead you should be focusing on building and maintaining lean muscle mass during your diet.

A Greek yogurt bowl is great to add to your dieting Arsenal for this!

1 cup of Greek yogurt will get you about 2.5 grams of Leucine.

Other Benefits of Greek Yogurt

  • Improving your gut health
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Strengthens your bones

Greek yogurt is a good source of calcium, needed for muscle contraction and signaling

It is also a great source of vitamin D, which supports those functions.

The best Greek yogurt choice is plain non-fat to moderate fat.

But Do not worry, if the extra sugar/carbs and fat fit your macros feel free to indulge in the variety of options out there.

My personal favorite is Chobani Greek Yogurt Non-fat Vanilla flavor.

The Toppings are Endless

The Great thing about this Dessert is you can mix up toppings , changing the nutrients and calories to fit you physique goals.

For Example: 

  • Fruit- for additional flavor, fiber and vitamins
  • Peanuts- for additional healthy fats, flavor , and vitamins
  • Candy – purely for pleasure.
  • Chia seeds– For additional vitamins, fiber and healthy fats.
  • Cereals– for additional flavor, vitamins , and calories.
  • Granola– for additional flavor , vitamins , fats and carbs.
  • Honey– For additional sweeter , flavor , and calories.

As you can see the Toppings come in a variety of options.

These are just a few to mention.

My Typical Yogurt Bowl

  • Chobani Greek yogurt- 15 oz  (36.9 grams of protein, 42.5 grams of carbs, 0 fat- 312 calories)
  • Honey almond Granola– 15 g (10.5g carbs, 2g fats , 1.5g protein- 65 calories)
  • Fiber one fudge brownies- 3 bars (54g carbs, 9g fats, 0 protein- 270 calories)
  • Peanut butter- 25g ( 6.3g carbs, 11.7g fats, 5.5g protein- 141 calories)

Total calories- 788

Macros- carb 113g  fats 23g proteins 44g

That is a macro friendly muscle building dessert!

Benefits From Fitting Dessert into a Diet Routine

  • Loss of sudden urges to over eat sweets
  • Cuts down on cheat days
  • Physiologically rewarding at the end of the day
  • Allows for flexible dieting
  • Long term sustainability
  • Dieting becomes more of a lifestyle than an obligation

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