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Top 5 Exercises for Skinny girls trying to Build BUTT

The subject of this Article is exactly as it sounds,I was recently asked by a young lady what exercises I'd recommend for women who are long limbed, naturally skinny and trying to build their lower body.As working with taller individuals…
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Bubble Butt Workout

I know when a lot of women workout they struggle with keeping their quads or hamstring from taking over when it comes to building up a booty.This can be challenging to avoid if you do not know the right exercises to isolate the glutes…
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How to lose Cellulite? A Real Solution!

We all want to be comfortable in our own skin.Becoming confident in our skin creates a positive self image.Now I understand, beauty from the inside is important and should always be priority number one.But lets try to be honest…
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How To Activate & Grow A Great Butt

Learning how to grow a great butt can be simple if you educate yourself first.When it comes to training your glutes, one major factor is usually left out from the beginning of most programs.Its almost like Women are setup for failure…
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Women’s Full Body Home Workout

Women’s Complete Full Body Home Workout (Booty Focused)Gym Workout or Home Workout? A workout supervised by a personal coach or knowledgeable friend will always out weigh a workout that can be done at home.A good mentor knows…
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Women’s Flat & Toned Abs Workout

Most Women define a great physique by having a great set of abs just like men.The benefits of strengthening your core come with many, to name just a few:Improved posture - great core strength keeps the spine upright. Protection…
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How to Shrink your Thighs While Keeping your Booty

Are your Thighs Too Big or Too Muscular? Many girls start off working out with the idea that squats are the number one exercise for glute growth.This image is drilled into women's heads from Instagram, youtube and articles all over the…
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Women’s Sculpt and Shape Your Arms: Supersets

A Woman's Superset Workout to Sculpt and Shape your Arms.Slim-Firm and defined arms are a very good look on a woman.During the summer months this allows for stylish halter tops, swim suits, and dresses to show off.So no routine…

Bigger Stronger Glutes Workout (2 Keys to Unlock Glute Growth)

 Why Are Strong Healthy Developed Glutes Attractive? lets talk about a well structured Glutes Workout and its importance...Healthy butts are having a moment and lets be real, because they're beautiful.The ideal butt has definitely…

Toning Workout for Women

The Slim-Fit Feminine Physique A Toning Workout for Women , "The Ideal Woman Physique."We hear women say all the time, "I want a workout for toning, not a bulky look!" Why is the fitness community not listening? When I look around…