X physique

Top 8 Muscle-Building Exercises For An Ideal X Physique

The Bigger Picture In This article I want to address what I believe to be the Top 8 Muscle- Building Exercises.The ancient Greek God know as Zeus summoned the Great Prometheus.Prometheus was a Titan known for his fore-thinking mind.Zeus…

Fitness Motivation: How Do I Find It?

Motivational Potency Motivation is our fuel for doing something, and the quality of our motivation impacts how long it lasts. Research shows that our primary reason for initiating a change determines whether we experience high or low…
HIIT cardio

Complete HIIT Cardio Workout

Interval Training When I use the term interval training...I'm talking about all forms of interval training, not just cardio machines. So weights, body weight circuits, kettlebell circuits, some types of Crossfit, etc. Interval Training…

Secret To A Successful Life

This one thing can change your whole life... Over the years I have read many self-improvement books, whether it be for building a personal business , self-development or mental discipline.A few I recommend are Think Fast and Slow , The…

Full Body Flexibility Routine

Increased Performance & Strength  Great felxibility will help your overall performance in the gym as well as your daily life out side of the gym.Having great flexibility and mobility is typically a major gap in most people's…
women home workout

Women’s Full Body Home Workout

Women’s Complete Full Body Home Workout (Booty Focused)Gym Workout or Home Workout? A workout supervised by a personal coach or knowledgeable friend will always out weigh a workout that can be done at home.A good mentor knows…
true will abs

Women’s Flat & Toned Abs Workout

Most Women define a great physique by having a great set of abs just like men.The benefits of strengthening your core come with many, to name just a few:Improved posture - great core strength keeps the spine upright. Protection…
true will abs

The Best Abs Exercises & Workouts

Why only the FEW have Six Pack Abs Many people define an Ultimate fit body by the means of having a great set of 6-Pack abs.This stands true because it does take mental discipline and a set of skills to acquire great looking abs.I…

Avoiding Holiday Fat Gain

Can you avoid fat gain during cheat days and holiday feasts like Christmas dinners and the Holiday Events?Of course this is possible but if your're anything like me and eat big on Holiday dinners Such as Christmas or Easter Sunday, MINIMIZING…
true will booty workout

How to Shrink your Thighs While Keeping your Booty

Are your Thighs Too Big or Too Muscular? Many girls start off working out with the idea that squats are the number one exercise for glute growth.This image is drilled into women's heads from Instagram, youtube and articles all over the…
true will low body fat

Maintaining Low Body Fat Year Round

A Guide for Maintaining Low Body Fat Year Round Before we get into the nuts and bolts of Maintaining low body fat year round , lets talk about why we would want low body fat year round? For starters The Face alone becomes more lean, revealing…

Alcohol and Fitness: The Weekenders guide

Welcome to Part 4 of Alcohol and Fitness: The Weekender's Guide To recap the last 4 articles we discussed the various styles and situations you may find yourself in for drinks.We all want to enjoy the social moments in life while looking…

Alcohol and Fitness: The Daycap Guide

Welcome to Part 3 of Alcohol and Fitness: The Daycap Guide. Before we get into Alchohol and Fitness: The Daycap Guide, lets recap the last two guides.In the last two Alcohol and Fitness Guides we talked about The class Act & The Binger's…
true will aesthetics

Alcohol and Fitness: The Binger’s Guide

Welcome to Part 2 of Alcohol and Fitness: The Binger's Guide Lets quickly recap Part 1 Alcohol and Fitness: The Class Act Guide The Class Act Guide is the exact lifestyle and philosophy True Will Aesthetic preaches.A healthy balance…
alcohol and fitness

Alcohol and Fitness: The Class Act Guide

When it comes to Alcohol, health and fitness there are a few approaches that can be taken.I have broken these different styles down into 4 types.The Class Act Guide  The Binger's Guide  The Daycap Guide  The Weekender…

2 Day’s A Week Rapid Fat Loss Workout

This is a Rapid Fat Loss Workout Program specifically designed for my Rapid Fat loss Formula found here.The TWO work together incredibly well for DROPPING fat levels RAPIDLY while building STRENGTH and DENSE MUSCLE.The Rapid Fat…
true will womens arm

Women’s Sculpt and Shape Your Arms: Supersets

A Woman's Superset Workout to Sculpt and Shape your Arms.Slim-Firm and defined arms are a very good look on a woman.During the summer months this allows for stylish halter tops, swim suits, and dresses to show off.So no routine…

Hacking The Code to an Aesthetic Body in Balance

 True Will Aesthetics is all about hacking the code to an amazing aesthetic body in balance.The idea is to build well developed muscle definition: while maintaining a certain level of leanness.At some point trying to create…
true will strength plateau

How to Break Through a Strength Plateau

There is a problem I have noticed for a long time now when looking around most gyms.The only seriously strong guys are always the huge guys.Now when I say huge I do not mean lean and defined but more of an overweight type huge.Don't…

I Screwed up my Diet. What now?

So you love your diet and you have found one that works perfectly for you!I am lucky enough to fall into this fortunate category as well.I maintain a lean body year around while putting on lean muscle mass, eating the foods I love.This…