bulking or cutting first

Bulk or cut first ?

So I'm finally getting round to answering the question I get all the time. Let's say you want to build muscle fast, but you also want to lose fat. Should you weight Train and eat more for gains? Or should you focus more on body fat loss and…
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Top 5 Exercises for Skinny girls trying to Build BUTT

The subject of this Article is exactly as it sounds,I was recently asked by a young lady what exercises I'd recommend for women who are long limbed, naturally skinny and trying to build their lower body.As working with taller individuals…
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WHAT IS PERIODIZATION/TRAINING? What I’ve found with my training in the past, is the key to achievable year-round results is from some form of periodization. This important for any program to be successful and especially a beginners…
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How to Build a Workout/Diet? Skinny Fat Body

Skinny Fat Body: Diet , Building a Workout and lifestyle. Having a skinny fat body is probably the worst thing for an individuals confidence. As a Skinny fat person we feel not only weak but small, soft and FRAGILE!A skinny fat body…

How to Workout for a Models Body

There was a time not too long ago, when it was okay to train to improve the look of your physique.It was fine to not only focus on strength and functional fitness, but it was cool to actually care about the appearance of your body as…
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Bubble Butt Workout

I know when a lot of women workout they struggle with keeping their quads or hamstring from taking over when it comes to building up a booty.This can be challenging to avoid if you do not know the right exercises to isolate the glutes…
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Top 10 Muscle Building Mistakes

When it comes to training , building lean muscle specifically, they're many muscle building mistakes that can be made.Unfortunately most people learn these mistakes through trail and error and this can waste your valuable muscle…
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Are Skinny Fat Bodies Unhealthy?

Looking Skinny Doesn’t Mean You’re Healthy if you're skinny fat. The term “skinny fat” has been around for a while now, but it seems to have started to grow as a greater problem with the era of the young entrepreneurs and busy professionals…
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Saying No: A Learned Skill: How to?

The word no can be a touchy subject and learning to say no can be a difficult skill to balance.Everything in life needs balance and too much of anything typically has a negative outcome.In this article I'm referring to the balance…
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How to lose Cellulite? A Real Solution!

We all want to be comfortable in our own skin.Becoming confident in our skin creates a positive self image.Now I understand, beauty from the inside is important and should always be priority number one.But lets try to be honest…
information overload

Information Overload Killing Your Fitness Journey

Something marvelous has been happening in the past few years with available information.The phenomenal is what we refer to as information overload.We live in a time when you can swipe, search or download just about any information…
failure training

Training to Failure Maximize Muscle Hypertrophy?

How close to failure should you train? Theses are some of the most common questions asked when deciding if training to failure is good or bad.It has been proposed that training to failure is a necessary strategy to maximize muscle growth.This…

Your Perfect FAT Loss Plan Is The Worst Plan

“Nothing happens in the world until something moves.” - Albert Einstein Sometimes the perfect fat loss plan is the worst plan.Yes, I know, most people say practice makes perfect, which is true…or that perfect practice makes perfect.This…
greatest weight loss mistake

Your Greatest Weight Loss Mistake Ever

The importance of a solid foundation and weight loss “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” ―SocratesThe…
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Traveling While Burning Fat & Building Muscle

How to Burn Fat & Build Muscle While Traveling We all travel at times and for some it's a weekly requirement.This can make fat loss and building a lean muscular fit body challenging.There's no time for six small prepped meals…
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How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat (basic body recomp)

Body Recomp is bullshit? Many people with knowledge of weight lifting and the functions of the human body will say body recomp is bullshit and to some extent they're right.Your body can never be in both an anabolic and catabolic state at…
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How To Workout For A Skinny-Fat Body?

Are you skinny fat? Skinny fat: sounds like some fancy kind of latte, right?If only!Nope, ‘skinny fat’ is the not-socomplimentary term conjured up by personal trainers to describe someone who is slender but has almost zero muscle mass.They…

How Short Workouts = Better Results

How To Make Short Workouts More Effective For Busy Professionals .Short on time? Workouts lacking Intensity? Feel like you’ll never get the body you want?A lot of this comes down to exercising smarter, not harder, or for…
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The Biggest Fitness & Bodybuilding Myth Holding You Back

You've probably heard a million times already that building an awesome physique is 80% diet and only 20% exercise. One of The Biggest Myths in Fitness & Bodybuilding It makes sense, right? Diet seems like the confusing part.Is…
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How To Activate & Grow A Great Butt

Learning how to grow a great butt can be simple if you educate yourself first.When it comes to training your glutes, one major factor is usually left out from the beginning of most programs.Its almost like Women are setup for failure…