Welcome to Part 4 of Alcohol and Fitness: The Weekender’s Guide

To recap the last 4 articles we discussed the various styles and situations you may find yourself in for drinks.

We all want to enjoy the social moments in life while looking good at the same time.

These guides will cover the basis for almost every drinking suation, while allowing you to reach your physicue and fitness goals.

Alcohol and Fitness: Class Act Guide Part 1 

  • Save Calories for drinks. (implementing intermittent fasting)
  • Drink low calorie beverages
  • have self discipline (drinking in moderation)
  • avoid late night eating

Alcohol and Fitness: The Binger’s Guide Part 2 

  • Reduce fat to 3-5% of your daily intake.
  • limit carbs to 15-20% of your daily intake ( these carbs should come from veggies only)
  • Drink low carb alcohol mixed with club soda or dry wines. The idea is ZERO to low carbs for drinks , don’t over stress this this just aim for it.
  • Ideally Eat your protein target with LEAN PROTEINS. Do not worry if you go over your normal protein target, without the presents of fat and proteins DIT levels, Fat gain will be nearly impossible.

Alcohol And Fitness: The Daycap guide 

  • Make room for the alcohol calories and drink in moderation. (Utilizing The Class Act Guide)
  •  Fats reduced to 3-5% of your daily intake and carbs reduced to 15-20% of you daily intake (Utilizing The Binger’s Guide)

For this article I want to talk about the individual whole likes to drink a couple of days on the weekend.

For example a few drinks out with dinner and friends, waking up for Sunday brunch, indulging in a couple mimosa’s.

Applying this method correctly will allow you to have a few drink a couple of times over the weekend while still burning fat or building muscle. 

This is a method takes some manipulating of your weekly target calories.

Introducing Alcohol and Fitness: The Weekender’s Guide

true will

This Strategy will be based of the The Class Act philosophy.

Keep Drinks to 4-5, moderation is key and utilizes intermittent fasting. 

A strategy to use if you like being social a couple of times on the weekends:

Let’s use a female on a fat loss diet of 1,300 calorie per day for example.

Her weekly target would be 1,300 x 7 = 9,100

Obviously 1,300 is not that many calories to work with for drinks and a delicious dinner with friends or Sunday brunch the following day.

When you like to enjoy drinks a few times on the weekend, I’ve found a good strategy is to eat a little more strict Monday-Thursday, to “earn” more calories on the weekend.

Here’s a sample week that would average 1,300 calories per day, but allow for happy hours and socializing on the weekend.

Sun: 1,100
Mon: 800
Tue: 800
Wed: 800
Thu: 1,000
Fri: 2,000
Sat: 2,600

Total Calories: 9,100

I believe consuming around 1,300 calories on the days you want to enjoy drinks and food would be near impossible. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy things like happy hours, brunches, BBQ’s, etc.

A better approach is to simply setup your days in a way that allows for higher calorie days and meals while still hitting your target weekly calorie goal.

This allows you to still attend your social events while reaching you physique goals.

This method would be the exact same for a muscle building bulk.

Let look at a male on a bulk with a daily target of 2,800

His weekly average would be 2,800 x 7 = 19,600

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Here’s a sample week that would average 2,800 calories per day, but allow for happy hours and socializing on the weekends.

Sun: 3,000
Mon: 2,650
Tue: 2,650
Wed: 2,650
Thu: 2,650
Fri: 3,000
Sat: 3,000

Total calories: 19,600

I have talked about tracking calories and the importance of weekly averages in The Skills of Tracking Calories here.

When you apply this method it will allow for about 4-5 drinks.

Remember to keep these drinks low calorie, dry wines or pure liquor’s mixed with lime and soda water.

I love whiskey with a splash of lime mixed with soda water or a Gin and Ricky.

I do like to dry different beers while out but I typically limit these to one Beer, usually at dinner.

Remember the key to this working in your favor is to have mental discipline and drink in moderation.

As long as you can handle drinking casually and following the guidelines above , there is no reason you cant catch a Sunday brunch with drinks and friends after a night out.

Following these Weekend guidelines will allow you to drink a few times over the weekend while still burning fat and building muscle.

Do not hold your self back from doing the things you enjoy because of your diet.

Control your diet and make it work for you , do work for it!

This brings my Alcohol and Fitness Guides 4 part series to an end.

I hope I have left you with the knowledge and strategies for allowing yourself you go out and let loose a few times a week.

Drinking is not for everyone and that is okay but it you do like to have a few drinks every now and again by all means do not beat yourself up about it.

Alcohol and Fitness Guide Series

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