Alcohol and Fitness: The Daycap Guide

Welcome to Part 3 of Alcohol and Fitness: The Daycap Guide.

Before we get into Alchohol and Fitness: The Daycap Guide, lets recap the last two guides.

In the last two Alcohol and Fitness Guides we talked about The class Act & The Binger’s guide

Alcohol and Fitness: Class Act Guide Part 1 

  • Save Calories for drinks. (implementing intermittent fasting)
  • Drink low calorie beverages
  • have self discipline (drinking in moderation)
  • avoid late night eating

Alcohol and Fitness: The Binger’s Guide Part 2 

  • Reduce fat to 3-5% of your daily intake.
  • limit carbs to 15-20% of your daily intake ( these carbs should come from veggies only)
  • Drink low carb alcohol mixed with club soda or dry wines. The idea is ZERO to low carbs for drinks , don’t over stress this this just aim for it.
  • Ideally Eat your protein target with LEAN PROTEINS. Do not worry if you go over your normal protein target, without the presents of fat and proteins DIT levels, Fat gain will be nearly impossible.

The Class Act being for a night out, drinking in moderation while being in tuned with the present moment. A strategy that allows you to still reach your physique goals.

The Binger’s Guide being for the all nighter event , the hard drinker. A strategy that allows you to still reach your physique goals.

What about day drinking?

Introducing Alcohol and Fitness: The Daycap Guide

Day Drinking is not as popular for most , but rather more of a seasonal style of drinking .

The Summer months you can find people pool side with cocktails taking in the beautiful sunshine.

The get away vacations to adventurous destinations call for local cuisines , washed down with the in house specialty cocktail!

Your beach side events seem to always call for that ice cold drink, while you dig your toes into the warm sand.

In this case for day drinking we want to IDEALLY follow the same out line as The Class Act.

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Make room for the alcohol calories and drink in moderation.

You’d just have your 3-5 drinks around lunchtime: either before lunch (fasted), or after lunch (fed).

You could either have your drinks fasted while still pushing your first meal back or have your drinks with your first meal when you break the fast.

I have drank fasted personally and the buzz is rather fun, considering you drink in moderation.

If you choose to eat with your drinks that is fine as well and you can even spread them out for room for drinks at dinner.

This is what my day drinking schedule typically looks like on vacations or for afternoon events.

Coffee upon waking up, light appetizer for lunch, a couple afternoon Gin and Ricky’s, double orders of meat for dinner, a delicious potato or fries , yogurt parfaits for dessert , and a couple glasses of dry wine or whiskey on ice.

If you just want a beer or two go for it , this is a style for a lot of people .

But Remember to have low calorie drinks is you plan of drinking 4-5 drinks.

This is the Approach I highly recommend for day drinking but what about the hard drinker?

Sometimes we have pool or lake parties that call for some heavy drinking.

In This case you will want to apply a similar style as The Binger’s Guide

Day Drinking without counting the calories

That’s right nobody wants to be counting calories when heavy drinking and games are going on!

Like stated in The Binger’s guide reduce carbs and fats significantly.

Fats reduced to 3-5% of your daily intake and carbs reduced to 15-20% of you daily intake ( from veggies only )

I do not advice fasted drinking for this approach , if your plan is to have a significant amounts of alcohol don’t skip out on the meals.

When you break your fast have a large amount of lean protein and small portion of vegetables.

Continue eating as much lean protein as you need periodically while drinking.

Remember to stick with low calorie drinks, same as outlined in The Binger’s Guide.

If you make it to the evening you can have a nice lean steak with some veggies for dinner and sleep like a baby.

You will wake up looking lean the following morning but most likely feel like death!

Again I only recommend this for one time a week at most.

Closing thoughts:

Use the first approach for day drinking and the results mentally and physically will be rewarding and long lasting.

You will remain on track, wake up feeling great, and your confidence will grow as you socialize with people level headed.

I highly advise you only use the second option one time a week at most.

Yes you will remain on track and can even burn fat or build muscle with this approach but lets be honest….

Drinking like this is hard on your body, all I can say is respect the lifestyle and let is go eventually.

I hope next time you have have an event calling for a daycap you remember to apply the tools discussed here.

The idea behind Alcohol and Fitness at True Will Aesthetics is you remain following yours goals while enjoying your lifestyle.

If you find these Alcohol and Fitness Guides Interesting or helpful, I have one more for you.

The last drinking method I will be explaining is Alcohol and Fitness: The weekender.

Alcohol and Fitness Guide Series

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