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Welcome to Part 2 of Alcohol and Fitness: The Binger’s Guide

Lets quickly recap Part 1 Alcohol and Fitness: The Class Act Guide 

The Class Act Guide is the exact lifestyle and philosophy True Will Aesthetic preaches.

A healthy balance between your fitness goals and social life.

The goal for True Will Aesthetics is for you to experience the best moments in life while achieving your fitness goals.

If Drinking is something you enjoy ,The Class Act Guide is highly recommend for long term success.

The Class Act Guide is a healthy balance of nutrition, fitness , and lifestyle.

Drinking in moderation with self discipline is the key to blending Alcohol, Fitness and a positive mindset.

The Class Act Highlights:

  • Save Calories for drinks. (implementing intermittent fasting)
  • Drink low calorie beverages
  • have self discipline (drinking in moderation)
  • avoid late night eating

Now that we have discussed the recommended Class Act style of drinking, it’s time to discuss the opposite end of the spectrum.

I know there are times people want to party hard.

There is the night out the goes into the morning or the ones still in school, living that college life.

I have lived that life and enjoyed it, not going to lie.

I would be a hypocrite to sit here and speak negatively of such a lifestyle.

Though I will say this is a lifestyle one must learn to let go of, you can not go on forever drinking hard and expecting positive things to happen in your life.

Though the reality is humans party, we go to music festivals and on the occasion, all nighters do happen.

My goal is not to stop you from experiencing life but rather give you the tools to achieve your physique goals while you live it up!

So yes with this Alcohol and Fitness guide you can have your night of hard binge drinking; while still burning fat or building muscle!

Most people who fall into this category do not want to bother counting calories.

With this guide you can drink freely without the hassle of counting calories!

The guide below is for the hard dinker , the night that never ends.

This guide takes some nutritional  tweaking, so be prepared for that.

Let me introduce to you True Will Aesthetic Alcohol and Fitness: The Binger’s Guide

The Nutritional Tweaks

In order for The Binger’s Guide to work, you must make 2 adjustments to your daily diet.

  1. Reduce Fat and carb intake SIGNIFICANTLY. In Part 1 Alcohol Truths we learned: Alcohol is going to cause your body to stop metabolizing any food you have in your body until it’s fully metabolizes the alcohol. Alcohol is the first nutrient to be burned for energy when we ingest it.  If you were to have a large amount of fat and carbs in your body during an excessive amount of alcohol consumption , they will most likely be stored as fat. By depriving yourself of dietary fat during heavy alcohol consumption, you won’t be storing anything.
  2. Consume LEAN protein. Eat all the protein you need or until satisfied. Alcohol and protein, your main macronutrients this day, are extremely weak Messengers for de novo lipogenesis. ( processes of carbs being converted to fat) If your remember from part 1 Alcohol truthsOur bodies have no mechanism for turning ethanol into body fat.

Protein & Alcohol Dietary Induced Thermogenesis

Dietary Induced Themrogenesis (DIT) also known as Thermic Effect of Food (TEF) is basically the caloric cost of processing food for use and storage during digestion (expressed as a percentage).

In other words DIT or TEF are the process of burning energy to make energy.

Odd thing is nutrition labels do not account for this.

Which means some maconutrients are actually less calories per gram than advertised.

For example Lean protein. 

Lean protein is going to be your main source of actual food and it is the highest diet-induced thermogenesis of any macronutrient: 20 to 35 percent.

This alone would allow you to count lean proteins as 3 calories per gram oppose to 4 calories per gram.

This is due to the fact the protein contains nitrogen that needs to be removed before the amino acids can be used.

When the amino acids are freed up they can be used by the body accordingly , the process burns upwards between 20-30% of protein calories.

Along with being the most thermogenic nutrient, protein is also the most satiating macronutrient. ( the feeling of full)


The DIT for Alcohol is 15% which is surprisingly high as well.

Even though it is labeled as 7kcal per gram, our bodies use a lot of energy to process it, so after the process it actually gives us around 5.7 calories per gram.

Quit Doing It The Hard Way. Here’s How To Finally Get Lean And Build Your Best Body Ever:

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Putting it all together

What does all this have to do with the Alcohol and Fitness: The Binger’s guide.

It’s is actually the underlying reasoning for The Binger’s Guide success.

You will be able to eat as much lean protein as you want for this day because of the laws of DIT.

There is no need to count Alcohol drinks, considering they’re kept low carb because of the laws of DIT.

Dry wines , gin , whiskey , vodka , and scotch mixed with club soda or diet tonic water for example.

The simple fact is when Protein and Alcohol are your two main sources of intake, fat gain will be near impossible during hypercaloric conditions.

You would have to drink your self into oblivion before you went into a calorie surplus.

And even if you did it wouldn’t be by much of a surplus and it would only be one night out of the whole week.

As long as your diet is in check the rest of the days of the week, you will continue to reach your physique goals

Whether its fat loss or Muscle Growth.

Now for an outline of the The Binger’s Guide laid out.

The True Will Guide to Drinking (The Binger’s Guide)

Like I said earlier…

I know there are those nights, especially for the young bloods.

Partying is the name of the game but you want to be shredded at the same time.

There has to be a solution out there!

Well you’re in luck because here it is.

I will stress this again, I do not recommend this guide for something you do all the time. (only one night a week)

You must remember to drink responsibly and not go “too” crazy’

With that said lets get to it…

Remember earlier how we discussed alcohol puts the breaks on everything else to metabolize the alcohol?

If not scroll back up and review your short term memory loss haha.

With this system you will not have to worry about counting the calories of the beverages or food! 

Though I would be lying if I said there was no catch.

We have to reduce the carbs and fat intake significantly for this guide to work.

Here is where we can manipulate the metabolic process of alcohol consumption and take advantage of it.

We can take advantage of the fact that the body has trouble storing anything but dietary fat in the short term when we go over our calorie balance for the day. And without fat in the diet for the day fat gain will be near impossible.

Alcohol and Fitness: The Binger’s Guide as follows:

  • Apply Intermittent Fasting 
  • Reduce fat to 3-5% of your daily intake.
  • limit carbs to 15-20% of your daily intake ( these carbs should come from veggies only)
  • Drink low carb alcohol mixed with club soda or dry wines. The idea is ZERO to low carbs for drinks , don’t over stress this this just aim for it.
  • Ideally Eat your protein target with LEAN PROTEINS. Do not worry if you go over your normal protein target, without the presents of fat and proteins DIT levels, Fat gain will be nearly impossible.

Again use this strategy with caution and only use it one time a week for that party you can’t miss!

If this strategy is used just one time a week you will still burn fat and reach your goals, providing your calorie deficit is dialed in for the rest of the week.

For best results utilize intermittent fasting and break your fast with a lean high protein meal.

Same goes for maintenance calories and muscle growth calories, if used one time a week you will not fall off track.

Closing Thoughts:

True Will Aesthetics preaches drinking in moderation and making room in your calories with a balanced diet. The Class Act

But I know there are always going to be some people that say whats the fun in that?

I know because I was one of these individuals at one time in my life, I only wish I had this knowledge at the time.

My goal Is to give you the tools to live a lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable for you; while you reach your fitness goals.

Even if I don’t agree with everything all the time.

Apply The Binger’s Guide with good judgment and do not go out and do something ridiculous.

Do not forget that this is a strategy to be used briefly.

Stay with me because Part 3 is Alcohol and Fitness: The Daycap 

Alcohol and Fitness Guide Series

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