About Me.

My name is Michael, and I have a passion for a fit lifestyle while living an amazing life at the same time.

With me, it has never been about spending my life in the gym, but rather living outside the gym.

I want to enjoy the world to its fullest, while having a great physique at the same time.

To me, fitness doesn’t start in the gym, or how much you can lift. Yes, those are great things for a fit aesthetic life, but not the most important to me.

The single most important aspect of a Fit lifestyle to me, was first creating the right mindset above anything else.

Without the right mindset, you will never succeed at anything that requires discipline, ambition, or goal focused, let alone an amazing body.

I eventually realized that the world owed me nothing, and I owed the world everything.

Everyday was a gift for me to take advantage of, and create who I wanted to be.

There is no easy ride to success in life or fitness.

I came to the understanding that you have to let go of negative energy, like anger, regret, and past mistakes to advance in the world.

I learned to accept the present moment for what it is, as if I had chosen it. It is then, that I had an epiphany, that the present moment is all that you can account for.

It was at that moment I made the now,  the focus of my life.

Once I acknowledged the root cause of most problems in my life, isn’t that actual situation that caused the problem, but rather my thoughts about the situation, is when my life changed forever.

It took True Will to become the person I wanted to be in life.

I created True Will Aesthetics based off this principle. True Will Aesthetics is to become who you want to be, what you believe to be the best version of yourself: A way of life

My Genetics 

I wasn’t born with muscle building genetics, nor did I think much about it growing up.

I played many sports, but always wondered why the other guys were bigger and stronger than me.

I summed it up to, “these are the cards I was dealt in life, and this is just how I’m meant to be.”

I never cared about what I ate, and I was into junk food like most kids at the time .

I could eat whatever I wanted, and not gain any weight as a kid. Well I take that back, I didn’t get fat like most people think.

I was skinny fat, possibly even more unhealthy, because all my fat was around my essential organs.

When I first started going to the gym, is when more frustrations started.

I had strict diets and was eating 6 small meals a day.

I followed some routines I read online and meal prepped just like they advised.

I tried every muscle building promising supplement out there known and recommended.

So, even after years of lifting, I was still skinny-fat.

My strength and knowledge of basic lifts and form was acquired. This, of course, was looking at the situation in an optimistic way. But to be honest, I wasted years of valuable time to gain lean muscle mass and just put on a lots of fat .

Why share this with you ?

I want to share this information with you, because so many people go through this struggle and give up.

I don’t want others to make the same mistakes I made along the way.

With this information, you can kickstart your fitness journey without the troubles of trial and error that I went through.

We all have an ideal physique in us for our genetic makeup.

With the right mindset, anyone can reach outstanding results.