A Guide to your Goal Physique Part 3

The Most Important Factor to Achieving your Goal Physique

To recap Part 2 of this article series we talked about the 5 common body types for starting out.

Each one has a different approach for reaching your specific goals.

If you missed the article I advise checking it out before moving on (part 2 here)

No lets talk about the The Key to Building your Goal Physique


The KEY Ingredient

Hopefully by now you should have a detailed picture of what needs to be done to take your body from its current condition to your goal.

There is just one more thing you need to acknowledge.

I will now teach you exactly what to aim for along the way in order to succeed.

Achieving these goals is essential to reaching your Ideal Physique.

This KEY ingredient I speak of is Relative Strength! 

Relative Strength is the answer to an aesthetic body

Relative strength means your absolute strength compared to your body weight.

Fact-The stronger you are compared to your body weight, the better you will look!

Let me give you an example:

Who do you think will look better, a 170 lbs guy benching 235 for 5 or a 210 lbs guy benching 250 lbs for 5?

The first one will undoubtedly look much better than the second one even if he has less muscle mass overall.

The reason for this is because the first guy has a much better muscle to fat ratio.

So in essence, the better your relative strength is, the better you’re going to look.

Anytime you improve your relative strength, you will look better.

There are two ways to increase relative strength:
1. Get stronger on your lifts
2. Lose body weight without losing strength Or a combination of both.

If you’re gaining body weight, make sure that your lifts are going up at a much faster rate.

And if you’re losing weight past he beginner stage, you want to maintain your lifts.

Track your relative strength on a few key movements.

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These are the numbers you’re looking for for each category:

Omega Shreds- The Models Body

When the numbers are reached you can expect to look similar to Jared Leto’s body from Hurricane 


  • Incline Bench Press 5 reps – 1.1 x body weight
  • Weighted Chins-ups 5 reps – 30% of your body weight attached
  • Standing Shoulder Press 5 reps – 0.7 x BW 
  • Waist 45-46% of height

Alpha Gains- The X Physique

When the number’s are reached you can expect to look similar to Jai Courtney’s body from Suicide Squad. 

  •  Incline Bench Press 5 reps – 1.4 x body weight
  • Weighted Chins-ups 5 reps – 70% of your body weight attached
  •  Standing Shoulder Press 5 reps with BW
  •  Biceps Curls 5 reps – 0.75 x BW
  •  Waist 45-46% of heigh

You have to take the Next Step

First of all, thank you for reading until the end!

I appreciate the time and attention you’ve put into reading this 3 part article series.

My hope is that you now better understand what needs to be done to reach your goal physique.

The Fast Track Transformation 

For the people who want all the information structured in stages and an exact training and nutrition plan to follow to achieve their goal, I highly recommend True Will Programs.

I have been down the lane of trial and error and it can literately last for years.

With Proper guidance you can kick start your transformation!

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