Bubble Butt Workout

bubble butt

I know when a lot of women workout they struggle with keeping their quads or hamstring from taking over when it comes to building up a booty.

This can be challenging to avoid if you do not know the right exercises to isolate the glutes alone.

In This workout I want to share with you some exercises made for glute isolationn, setup in a way for growing them as well for a defined well proportioned Bubble Butt.

Bubble Butt WORKOUT*

Glute activation is HIGHLY overlooked and very important for waking up your glutes.

This means every glute or leg workout should start with some glute activation sets and reps.

You can see my article here on Activation. 


Bubble butt Activation (with video exercise links)

1.Banded Kickbacks 2 sets of 15 reps

2. Banded Fire Hydrants 2 sets of 15 reps

bubble butt Isolated exercises

1. Cable Cross over kicks 4X12


2, Cable Abductors 4×12

3, Cable Kickbacks 4X12 (*keep back in a neutral state-Parallel with the ground)

4. Cable Rope Pull Throughs 4X12


bubble butt Workout notes:

The Main take away from this kind of workout is really focusing on the mind to connection with the glutes. Do not worry about going heavy at first . Focus on form and really feeling yourself

stretch and squeeze each glute with each rep. Keep the pace slow and controlled , do not fire through the reps.  When you get comfortable with focusing on activating the gutes then you can start adding more weight.

Ideally it would be good to either have an isolation day like this workout and a strength building day for glutes and legs in the same week. Or you could sprinkle these isolation exercises in with your regular strength building program. You can check out my article here on Bigger Stronger Glutes for a great example!


Start your transformation now with a detailed program designed for isolation , strength and building the glutes. 


bubble butt workout

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